Bennett College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


The kind of people who should attend this school are people who are serious about school and learning or people who are trying to become that way. This school does a great job of helping students who have struggled in the past with school grow and become greatstudents and learners.


Someone who is not open-minded and willing to grow should not attend my school or who doesn't want to go to an extra small school.


Negative persons and persons who are closed minded should not attend this school. This is because they won't respect the traditions of the school nor accept the conservative nature.


Students who shouldn't attend this school are ones that are colsed minded, too advanced, and would'nt like a private institution. A student who donesn't like to follow private institution rules would have a really hard time being too independent. Most students who enroll in college and universities enjoy the freedom of attending a public state supported institution better. A student who likes huge classroom sizes and prefers to be lectured, would not like to bond with classroom students and complete personal assignments. Students who wouldn't like Bennett, would stand out more than the students who do.


Females who cannot learn without a man being in the classroom and people who do not like being enforced by rules should not attend Bennett College for Women. Many females come to Bennett and are not willing to go by the rules and embrace womanhood, but they would rather embrace their social life and do anything to make the most of it. This includes: partying, drinking, sneaking off campus, and lying to school staff. When a female is at this school of success and an Oasis, they should be ready to be a woman of substance and nothing less.


I believe every kind of person should attend Bennett. Bennett College for Women is a place where you can grow into the women you are supossed to be. If you aren't a hard worker, the professors make you work hard. If you believe you know it all, the professors open your eyes to things brand new


The type of person who shouldn't attend this school is a person who is a slacker, and can't stand to work hard in life . It 's very important to stay focused at Bennett, people who are not focused they are said to never achieve at anything in life. The kind of person who shouldn't diffently attend Bennett is someone who is very negative. At Bennett there will be times when you want to give up but, with a positive attitude you will get through it. This is the type of person who shouldn't attend this school.


Anyone who is not committed and really focus on their education. Even thought there is lots of help, one can only recieve help if they are willing to help themselves.


If a person is not willing to open themselves up to big opportunities to network or build up an outstanding portfolio they should not consider Bennett. This school is not for slackers or people that are not commited to doing well and succeeding in life. People that are not willing to work hard towards their goals or are not ready to accomplish them should not come to Bennett. Bennett is a school that will mold you into an intelligent, charismatic young woman. This school really cares about their students so they should be ready for that.


A very liberated, free spirited, independent individual should not attend Bennett. Its very old fashion in tradition and I don't think people with that type of personality would feel comforable here.


A person that is not outgoing, friendly, hard-working


A person that likes big crowds. A person that doest not understand real sisterhood. A person who is not career motivated.


A non-open minded person


If you are the type of person that likes to have parties on campus, and wants to see fraternity life DO NOT attend Bennett because it is a small, traditional, all-women college. Also, if you don't like traditional things this is not the place for you.


There is no "kind of person" that shouldn't attend this school. Each person that currently attends Bennett College for Women is very different from the next, but they all make the choice themselves to either adapt or not to the campus. College life is whatever you make it out to be and it is rarely the fault of someone else that one could not complete their education.


The type of person that should not attend a school such as Bennett College is a closed minded person that is not willing to grow up and learn.