Bennett College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would advice myself to choose a school that would enhance my social and academic needs. I would remind myself to stay focus on a goal a choose a school that will nurture my academic intelligence. Knowing what I know now I would definitely practice benefical study habbits and note taking strategies. I would tell myself to take advantage of more after school activities and focus on becoming a well rounded indivdual. I would encourage myself to be open and welcome new experiences and remind myself that this transition is challenging but necessary for future success.


Knowing what I know now, I would offer myself direction as a college student. Although I did not always abide by this rule, I soon learned the importance of making decent grades and constant studying; because the study habits we formed as seniors followed us into freshman year. Therefore, it became vital to focus in the classroom and stay motivated striving to achieve better grades. In retrospect, I would have written more and discovered how to better express my ideas to various readers. Apart from my schoolwork, I also would have found a balance between my schoolwork and enjoying life as a high school senior. Once the college list had been written and the applications had been sent, I should have allowed myself to enjoy the remainder of my senior year rather than the constant stressing about what school would be best for me and if I will be accepted. Senior year is a serious time to buckle down and focus on school work. It is a time to make important decisions and ponder the future you would like to live, as well as a time to have fun, become open to new ideas, and become a better-rounded individual.


If I could go back in time, I would tell myself to work harder now to develop GREAT study skills and time management. In college, you end up wanting to do a lot of different things and without already being able to manage your time and effectively study it becomes harder to build the skills as you go along. Most importantly, I would encourage anyone to know exactly who you are, whose you are, and what you believe and be very strong in that. Many people come to school trying to "find themselves" and end up finding themselves in a world of trouble instead! Build a good foundation to stand on of what you believe, your morals and values, and when you arrive at school, do not let those things go. Yes, people will challenge what you believe and maybe even make you think things over; but as the saying goes if you don't stand for something you will fall for anything. So know what you stand for and if you change a little, fine. However, keep yourself from being set up to fall for the foolishness that can mislead you and distract you from your goals in life.


Although most students who have a passion for college have the misconception that ivy league colleges are the best for them but the reality of the situation is to accommodate and start off with a less extreme student to teacher ratio that would be in the best interest to start small in a communty college than gradually move onto a university because it wouldn't be so overwhelming. Vist the school before you make your final decision and don't be afraid to make a change in your life if the s chool does not fit your requirement needs. A few study habits that work well to help remember and understand better is tape record your classes and type your notes. Arrange your classes so that you will have a break in between each of them to review and leave a two hour gap between school and work. Assign the classes that are worth four credits so that way you will be able to maintain a good gpa.


I would tell myself to apply myself in the offered college courses. By doing that I can take more classes in my major during my freshman year. I will also tell myself to be more presistant with time management, and oragnization. Also to enjoy myself and use my full potential!


If I were allotted the opportunity to go back in time and speak to myself during my senior year of high school I would simply remind myself not to take these adolescent moments for granted. Making the transition to college from high school brings upon more responsibility than expected. It is a time where you are forced to realize that you are no longer a child but an adult. Throughout your freshmen year of college you will be faced with many challenges great and small, in which you may just want to curl up in your room at home and cry in your mother?s arms. However you have to have the determination and the will to succeed. It's also important to learn to trust and have faith in yourself and the decisions that you make. It is when you lack that confidence in your abilities that you may fall into a downward spiral of following bad influences. I would tell myself to pay attention to and fully absorb to all the advice, knowledge, and wisdom that your teachers, counselors & parents are handing down to you.It may seem useless now it will be vital information come freshmen year.


I will actually tell myself that everything is not going to the same as when your at home. You are in a different living enivornment and have to change your living style because your in a public area. When your in a public area living style, you have to think about yourself and others. Have self-control and know that everybody has a different background and is different and that's something you have to live upon while your in college.


The only advise I would give myself would be to sit down and actually thing about my passion. What makes me happy? What can I do all the time without me looking at it as an occupation but as something I love doing. I would advise myself to think about attending a college or institute that specializes in what my future plans consist of.


Staying focused is the main area while being in college. It is very easy to get side tracked of your dreams and goals by not doing your best. Be able to divide your assignments from your social life. It will better you as an individual and a student in college.


College is definitely the road that you want to take. You are going to enjoy it and make good grades.


I would tell myself to make sure I do well and keep my grades up. Even though college is a chance to start over, your work and accomplishments follow you where ever you go. Never do less than what you are capable of doing always strive to do your best because everything you do in life deserves your best effort.


STUDY STUDY SUDY keep your grades up, and get involed more.


If I could tell myself anything in tihs world,I would tell myself , There is no situation that is beyond the reach of faith. I am what I am ment to be.


I would tell myself to become more involve in the community and use different study techniques.


Advice i would give myself if I could be a high school senior again would be, to enjoy your freshman year. It is a year of complete exploration and self discovery. Try and make friends, but allow yourself to find out about them and see if they are right for you. Other advice I would give, is to be careful when it comes to dating in college. It can be very fun, but just make sure dating does not get in the way of your studies. Parties wil always be there. Don't be afriad to miss out on a party or two in order to study for and upcoming test or to do a project. School comes first. After all that is what you came to college for. Also make sure that you make yourself known to your teachers of your classes. Building a relationship with your teachers is extremely important. Involve yourself in as many activities and groups you can without it hindering your studies. Enjoy college, because before you know it , you are walking across the stage getting your degree.


I would say, "Do not slack when you start your freshman schoolyear. It's not worth it. Start off your semester right, so that you can work your way up from there. Have fun, but not too much. College can be fun, but it is also serious and you should take it that way. It is nothing to play with. Your transcript will determine whether or not you get into medical school or any other school that you may want to get into after undergrad. Do your best and study very hard."


That life is what a perosn become and make it.


Stay Focus and Dont Allow Anything or Anybody To Get In The Way of Your Goals and Dreams


I would say to be prepared, stay focused on my goals, and never give up.


If I could go back in time, I would have alot to say about college and campus life. I would seek out more information on the institution that I am going to. I wouldn't want any suprises when I get there. It is good to know as much about your college as you can, you never know what prizes or scholarships are given to those who have great knowledge of your school's history. Another thing I would tell myself would be to seek out as many scholarships as possible. Seeking out scholarships also takes away the burden of you or your parents taking out loans to pay for school. Scholarships are given to any and everyone and most of the time all you have to do is write an essay. I would explain to myself that I need to get as many scholarships as possible because many of the times they are renewable. I would also tell myself that college is one of the best times in life, the experience teach how to live in the real world. School is not only fun, but this is where you begin your life.


The advice that I would give myself is do not slack off. The reason why I would want to go back in time of my senior year is because I felt that like its the end and there is nothing else I need to do. I think it is something all seniors go through because its that last year and they feel like there nothing that can prevent them from graduation. The thing to realize is that it is consequences they are just different for each school. The way I could prevent myself from slacking off is come up with ways to on top of things. Staying focus by going to school and doing what school requires. Completing assignments early and not waiting until the last minute to complete them. Maintain a weekly communication between your adviser, teacher and yourself. By communicating between the adviser and teacher it allows you to know classes you need for college and the grades you are maintaining to get into a college of your choice. The final step is make sure that my ACT and SAT scores were acceptable for the college of my choice, my FASA and finanical aid was all completed.


Be prepared.....Its not like living at home with your parents,no one is going to be there to hold your hand every step of the way...


I would definitely warn myself about the endless social opportunities that college offers. Combined with a lack of organization and time management skills, it is extremely easy to become side-tracked and lose focus of what you came to college for. My freshwoman year at Bennett, I became so caught up in the social aspect of college life that I neglected my work and almost flunked out of school. Balance is the name of the game! College isn't just about books and academia, there are a ton of experiences outside of research papers and homework. There are collegiate sports, social organizations, academic organizations, greek organizations, volunteer organizations, studying abroad, parties, new friends, romantic relationships. The list goes on and on. There is so much for college students to experience. But college students have to balance all of those wonderful experiences with the main reason they attend college in the first place-receiving their collegiate degree. Given the chance, I would advise myself to definitely take advantage of and enjoy all that college life has to offer-but to also proritize wisely and find a balance between what you want to do and what you have to do.


I would advise myself to go into college with an open mind and heart. You never know who will come along to help you, and to touch your life. I would also say that it's okay to not know what your major is your freshman year, but when you do decide, make sure it's the absolute best choice for YOU. Take advantage of EVERY opportunity that comes you way. You never know who you might impress. Stick with friends who will challenge, uplift, and support you. Never follow the crowd. Be an individual, but don't isolate yourself. Last but not least... Work hard, study hard, get involved on campus and in the community, but... Don't forget to have fun. The years will fly by before you know it!


It is not as hard you think it will be. Just set your mind to it and get it done. Remember to breath.


The advice I would give , knowing what I know now about college is this: Always make sure that you research for scholarships early on in your high school career. It is a competition and you're not the only one applying for the scholarship. Make sure you network, try to find people who attended the school you that you're applying to and try hard to do school visits. Doing a school visit will give you a heads up on what you may expect once you're accepted. One last bit of advice would be to keep in contact with family members because you will always need family to lean on, and you never know what can happen while you're away at school.


I f I could back to my high school senior year, I would have prepared myself more for college. I would have did better on the SATs and the ACTs. I would have took more AP courses to prepare myself for college, so college courses would have benn easier. I listened to my parens, and they always made decisions for me. I wish I would have been able to make some decisions myself. I didnt realize choosing a college and preparing myself for college would be so hard. This process was not an easy process. It was overwhelming for parents, but especially for me.


If I could go back in time to when I was in high school I would tell myself to do more to prepare myself for college. I would give myself the advice to have studied harder in high school so that I could have recieved more scholarships in the beginning of my college career. I would have also told myself to have developed better study habits, and made myself learn not to procrastinate when I am given assignments. I think if I would have done these things my college life would have went a lot smoother.


As a "seasoned", returning, undergraduate student at the age of 53, I can not stress enough to high school students to listen to those who have experienced college before (even if it is their parents), don't think you know so much. Listen to the college advisors at their high schools; they have the information that will make their transition to college less stressful. If they know what school they are going to, read everything that they can about the curriculum, financial aid, student policies, etc. Be actively engaged with them even before you get there. Usually high school seniors have a light schedule their last semester (2 -3 classes), don't waste it by going home to watch soap operas --take advantage of all the extracurricular activities offered to you involving geography, foreign languages, public speaking and study abroad programs. Look ahead and say to yourself, "The next four years of my life are going to make me proud." And mean it!


Go into college knowing what you want out of it. School can either make or break you, let your college experience be just that, an experience. College is supposed to be a transition state into becoming who you will be in the future, do not let the social life be what defines you as a STUDENT. Often too many young adults come to college in mind to party, but that's not the sole purpose of college. Yes it is important to have a social life, but don't let that make up your full college experience. Get your money worth and take advantage of oppurtunities that others may not have.


If I was a high school senior again, I would tell myself to never give up no matter how hard the situation might get just keep on pushing on with my goals. I would also tell myself to pay very close attention to details in class, study hard, and not wait until the last minute to finish a paper.


Try your hardest and do not give up, because anything is possible and though your situation may look bad, focus on the person that you want to be and the places you want to and you will get there. Focus, be determined, and really be the best that you can be, do not worry about what you cannot control or change, and finally good luck!!!!!


Take classes that you're interested in. Sometimes we're so distracted having fun in high school that we don't realize what a stepping stone it is to college. I know what my strong subjects are, and I know what I'm bound to study in college, so why not get a head start in learning how to be better at it? College is the fork in the road that is going to determine where you spend the rest of your life. Make sure that you prepare yourself to find something you can be happy with for several years to come. Learn how to take notes, and build strong studying techniques that will help you in college classes. Focus on what it takes to envelop a textbook, and don't take it for granted. You'll be paying for them in college, and you don't want them to go to waste. Take what you've learned and apply it for the future. Make sure you stay focused, because that's all that's going to keep you in school for the next four years. Don't forget to have fun and good luck!


Sada, just go for your dreams it might be harder than you think, but you will make. Keep focus on school at all times and apply for scholaships early.


The advice that I would give parents and/ or students about finding the right college is do not let the cost of the college be a hinderace in oicking the college; because when you find the college that is right for you, you will get this overwhelming filling of love, and comfort when you step onto the campus.. Always keep an open mind throughout your search, and throughout your matriculation at the desired institution. When making the most out of your experience be sure to live your life to the fullewt because these will be the best times of your life, be sure to get involved in things on camous,but not to involved that you lose focus of why your really there ...which is to be a student; which is to get your education. Just laugh more & stress less..


Research the school to the fullest. Visit the school during an open house, but more importantly during a regular school day and on a weekend. Sit in classes, taste the food, talk to students, faculty, and staff. Ask questions!!!


Do what is best for you and not your parents. Choose a college in which you could see yourself at for the next four years. Time flies by if you work hard and balance. Choose a school in which fits that balance between hard work and play.


I would let parents and students know that before they chose a school they need to look at more then just one option. Try to get as many grants and scholarships as possible, there is money out there you just have to look for it.


Choosing the right college is sometimes hard. So make sure its a college that your child can get the education he/she deserves. Also make sure the college is a place where your child can also enjoy themselves. In a safe enviornment , so that you can sleep at night.


The only advice I would give to the students and parents is that visiting all the colleges is extremely important and could easily change you top choice school into your last choice after the college visit. Once in school, the advice I would then give to the students is to just relax and get their work done on time, and practice on their time management.


High school students need to vist the campus first and they also need to look at the background of the school. This is a major life decision and it should not be taken as a joke. Also just because your parents went to college there does not mean you have too.


Make sure you visit the schools you get excepted to or are applying to during the school year so that you can see what it is like for yourself and so that you can talk to students. If you are lucky doing the aove will allow you to see what the school really looks like and to see what inside scoop the students have. Furthermore, it allows you to see the surronding neighborhood and town. The surronding environment is important because that s where you will shop, party, drive, take public transportation, work and eventually live when you move off campus.


There is not much advice I could give the parents but there is a lot of advice I could provide the students. First the student needs to think about what would be the best learning environment for him. Also, what is the students' learning styles such as big classes or small ones. The student needs to look at every aspect of the college curriculum .There are many majors so the student should find his interest. The student should know his intended major and what is the number of students who graduate with that major and do they get into profound professional schools. Ultimately the student needs to figure out what how he would benefit the most from that particular college or university.


Go for it!!


The advice that I would give to parents would be to take into consideration what there child wants to become. They should look at the history of the school and also the surroundings. They should trust there child to make the right desicions and be fully supportive of there child. Being able to give there child support is the main factor in going to college it is as if the student is really on there own but some student s might not be ready for that yet.


I can't choose the right college for your son or daughter. The only thing I am able to encourage is the idea for them to enter the first year strong as ever knowing that, yes, there are going to be struggles and obstacles they must find their way through, but it is only preparing them for the corporate world, if they so choose to be apart of it. It is okay to become weary at times and feel as though giving up is the easiest option, but don't let them. You are the very backbone that is helping them to maintain this struggel to achieve and you must stay strong for them. Trust, it will be well worth it.


Small colleges are best for students with learning disabilities and a tendency to procrastinate. In finding a college or university to best suit you, think of how you felt in high school. Did you feel like just a number, or was the communication between you and your teachers more one-on-one? If you want to feel like a person opposed to a number, then a smaller college or university is best for you.


My advice to parents and or students trying to find the right college, is to go on a tour of schools that your are interested in. Get a feel of what you think the campus, students and faculty is like. Also i suggest calling the college of interest to see if they offer a program where a prosporous student follows a student (all ready going to that college) around for a day and they can get a feel for what classes are like and the atmopshere of the school. Make sure that the school you go to is one that you know you will be to enjoy yourself at and will be able to focus on your studies. After all that is why you are going to college right?!


I would say visit the school for more than just a tour. Tours are created to conform to the interest of the audience. If you satay at the college for longer than a tour you get a real feel about how the school functions.