Bennett College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish someone would have told me to be more involved from the very beginning because my experience would have been more enjoyable. Also, I would have had a chance to make life long friends.


I wish I would have known how home sick I would be. Coming to North Carolina all the way for Califonia was hard, especially because I did not have any family out here.


Before applying to Bennett I wish I had known more about studying and focus. I had great trouble my sophomore year due to my lack of study habits. I wish I had known more about how to study and I believe I would have done better. Though I did well I believe that I could have done better if I had better study habits.


Bennett College for Women is a prestigious school. It is a liberal arts school and it is very traditional. We celebrate oasis. Im honestly not sure what oasis means but I do know that this schol puts students first. The classes are small which is good for the teacher-student interaction. The student is not just a number, the teachers know who you are. Also at this school we have ACES every Tuesday and Thursday. ACES stands for Acedemic Culture Enrichment Series and on these days we have have to dress in professional attire. Bennett is a great school.


I wish I would have better prepared myself financially for this institution because being that I am from an underprivledged home, financing can get very difficult.


I wish I had known that the students would be very supportive of their fellow students who are in leadership roles. I was expecting my classmates to be very competitive. I learned later that I could be in leadership roles and have the support of the student body, instead of being taunted or ridiculed without reason.


I wish that I would have known that you are really independent when coming to school. It is a time to grow up and leave the past in the past just look forward to the present and try your best in everything you do.


Before I came to Bennett, I wish I would have known that the journalism department isn't fully established. That aspect would not have completely deterred me from attending, but it would have allowed me to consider other options before accepting the offer of attendance,


Before I came to this school I already knew everything that I wanted to know. I have done research and I have family memebers in this city.


I wish I had known Bennett did not have a criminal justice department. I would have never applied.


I wish I had more experience dealing with unorganized systems. While in the end you usually can solve most situations, the hassle of getting it done can be annoying if you do not know how to properly handle things. Learn to keep copies of everything, including emails, and get things in writing. Also, make sure you've completely done your part and read everything thoroughly so you don't run into problems in the first place.


I wish that I had more information as to how our ACES programs worked so that I could have been more prepared. It requires you to dress in "Job" attire. I would have been able to buy more appropriate clothing for the occation.


Before comming to this school, I wishI had known that the nursing program was not as it appeared to be before applying.Although, I am a psychology major, I planned on majoring in nursing and minoring in psychology. The schools sells the nursing program as if its in partnership with Howard University, and you complete 2 years at Bennett and then go on to do two years at Howard in order to major in nursing. However no one has actually ever been accepted into the program at Howard and your degree would not be from Bennett College.


Academically this school is great, the only thing I wish I knew was that the tuition would be so high. Which tuition being so high a lot of people are struggling to pay off their tuition fees.


I wish I had known that the dorms were very old fashioned and needed some updating.


I wish i have known about the weather and the food when i came to school. The food on campus is horrible and the school can improve on health foods. Stuff as vegatables, fruits, and salads. There are alot of greasy food and unhealthy food that block arties. If the cafeteria have one day out the month for health food, that would be great. Also the registering progress for students are little complicated and give the student the run around. Bennett college for women is small and students on campus aleast know where certain building are located around the school.


All the things that is needed to be done before I can graduate.


I wish that I would have know that scholarships were availabe for me. I wish I would have been more aware that scholarship money is given for the simplest things. I wish that someone would have pushed me to seek scholarships to assist me in paying for school. Scholarships are extremly important and should be sought after. I wish someone had knowledge of scholarships in highschool as they do now in college.


I wish I would have knew the buildings were very old. There need to be some remodeling, but the campus wants to keep the historic buildings. I also wish I would have knew about the cafeteria and how they serve the same food almost everyday.


I wish I would had known a little about the different majors they offered and did not offered.




I wish i would have known that they do not offer my major or popular majors, such as accounting. also they do not offer all the classes needed to graduate.


I wish I would have known I was not going to get a real coolege experience. This college does not give a lot in terms of money and with the labs.


I really do not believe I would wanted to know anything before attending Bennett College, all the experiences have been enjoyable and learned from.


that i was going to fall in love with the school more this school has been the best thing for me in a long time i am happy that i came to bennett because i have really grown since i came to bennett and i am looking foward to growing even more over time.


I wish someone would have told me that some of the students at Bennett take longer than four years to get their degree and summer school is strongly suggested in order to graduate on time.


I just really wish that I would've known that this school doesn't offer a lot of scholarships before I came here. I also wish I would've known that my schools nursing program isn't very stable and that they dont offer all of the classes necessary to complete certain majors.


I wish that I have known before I came to this school is what I really wanted to do as far as my career and making sure that the school had it. Also, I wish that I would have done more research and planned better for my college career.