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Describe the students at your school.

A diverse and interesting crowd.

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Intense work-aholic artists.

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It's not a very culturally diverse campus. Frankly, I'm used to that. I've never been part of the majority in any of my schools. It's probably problematic statistically, but it doesn't bother me. The people here are incredibly diverse in terms of personalities, passions, hobbies, & academic interests. I don't care about their ethnic backgrounds. In my house in particular, people work hard & party harder. We've got musicians, painters, sculptors, photographers, politicians, singers, architects, animators, programmers, etc. We give each other feedback on whatever projects we happen to be working on. During the weekends, we unwind together.

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Pretty much everyone is liberal and as least 3/4 of the students are blatant hipsters. In a way, there is no diversity; everyone listens to indie music, everyone loves dressing up... Though you would expect most students are all rich kids, students actually do come from various socio-economic backgrounds. Many students receive financial aid.

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