Bennington College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Bennington is a place for exploration, home to those with hearts filled with passion that are eager to share their work and experience with the world in a variety of mediums.


A small artsy place, good for those looking for a niche in the college world, worthwhile if you manage to befriend several students.


Because Bennington is a school that believes in building your own education from the ground up, choosing your own courses, deciding for yourself what you need to study and what that means in your life, there are two types of students at Bennington: those who give their all, work constantly, only taking breaks to complain about how they have no time and those who, yes, study what they want, but find the easiest ways to do so.


An environment where learning is talored to student's individual needs and wants; we are pushed to think deeper.


An extremely small, liberal, artsy "summer camp" on top of a hill in poor, rural Vermont.


An open community with independence and self-motivation as an expectation from students.


Bennington is small and students' experiences here are very much molded by what they want them to be and what they're willing to put into their education.