Bennington College Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


Bizarre, rich and on drugs.


Rich hipster kids from NYC


Hipsters, rich art students, pretentious, elitist, lazy because we don't get grades.


Bennington students are indiehipsters who very liberal and artsy.


pretentious. rich. not quite wrong in a lot of cases. Bennington boys, now that's a whole other story. there's 75% percent women. you don't need a large imagination to understand the implications or possibilities.


One stereotype is that there are lots of rich white people who think they are better than everybody else and are really into their artistic niche. There is a contrasting stereotype that there are lots of naked hippies running around and lots of gay people and very few straight men.


Bennington students are thought to be, largely, rich, vegan, hippie kids who didn't fit in in high school, and who are kind of flighty.


Artsy, liberal, progressive, self involved, hippie, hipster, hipstery(?).


It is a school of hippies, everyone is lazy, no one gets grades.


Some of the stereotypes I remember hearing when I was thinking about Bennington were that everyone was a hippie or that everyone was rich. The school itself had only one and that was that there is a very different style of learning at Bennington.


hippy, hipster, indie, nerdy, artsy, weird, liberal, progressive, independent, accepting, activists, motivated


Hippies, Yuppies, Rich Kids, Scenesters,


Hippies, Nudist, Snobs, Burn Outs


Hippy or hipsters. That is what everyone thinks Bennington is all about. Not so. There is a huge variety, and it does include the two categories listed above, but is not so exclusive. And it is this variety that makes Bennington such an interesting place to be.


The Bennington Student won't just dye their hair blue they will walk around in moomoos, wifebeaters, various Salvation Army clothing, pirate hats, missmatched earrings, mismatched socks, arrays of flannels, blue triangles drawn on their faces. Whoever is stranger, more passionate is cooler here. Yes a Bennington kid would pee out of a window to save water, Yes, a Bennington kid would have an interpretative dance instead of their plan of education. They do crappy paintings and expect them to change the world. There are several Bennington archetypes that exist beyond this. There's the Bennington girl, wild, promiscous, sometimes clingy, who the locals know on sight. She is forced with a maddening ratio of 1 boy to like every six girls, and thus develops standards that are very low and self-esteem that can be even lower. She often will walk around without a shirt on at parties. The stereotype of Bennington boys is that they are all sluts and will go whatever they can get. He will never be worthy of the girl and that they are very cocky because they get them anyways. Bennington boys are also not manly at all and usually miss that "grit" that makes a man a man.


People tend to think that Bennington students are weird hippies and hipsters who major in things like "under water basketweaving" and "movement". People also tend to think that the lack of tests, grades, and a defined structure make Bennington more like a summer camp than a real college.


Very artsy and hippie close bond to one another like family


Hippies. Hipsters. Post Modernists. Artsy. The college is known as a beautiful campus. Bennington girls are known to be in need of a man...or two. What is it they say? The odds are good and the goods are odd? It's a snow globe. It's small.


We are all artistic. We all run around naked. We are all vegan hippies. We all smoke pot. We're all lesbians.


People seem to think that Bennington is filled with a bunch of hippy-type people on crazy drugs.


We're all a bunch of hippies. We're all kinda crazy, a bunch of swishy artist types who talkin cliches and smoke cloves.


I think that a lot of people's parents hear Bennington and still think the school is as out of control as it was in the 80's before the current president of the school came in and re-organized everything. The more college-aged generation, (or even high school students), have associated Bennington College with our alum Bret Easton Ellis's novel Rules of Attraction, (which is based on the college), or the movie version made from it. I also think people associate Bennington with other hippy schools like the University of Vermont and Hampshire, and automatically think everyone has dreadlocks and smokes a lot of pot.


Well, there's the affected, snobby visual artist stereotype; the idea is that all visual artists are really pretentious know-it-alls, and they're all rebellious, grungy heiresses. Then there's the typical hipster stereotype, and then we also get labeled as hippies on top of that. Also there's the stereotype that all Bennington women are lesbians until graduation.


Everyone here is a freak and dresses weird. Everyone does their own thing. The school is basically like a summer camp.