Bennington College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A driven, focused, passionate, yet un self-concious person who seeks to do serious work because the work excites them, not because they hope to gain an extrinsic reward that may mean something to someone else. Multi-faceted people thrive here. However, without commitment to focused practice, perserverance in answering one's most persistent personal and intellectual questions, or confidence in one's journey, it is easy to lose onesself here, as it is anywhere. The creeds, trades and skills of the people who leave here are myriad; their resolve to make good work unifies them.


A benny is a person who loves knowledge for knowledge's sake, who relishes an idealistic debate or an academic argument. Expect to be pushed. Expect to be challenged. Expect that you will hate Bennington at times, and question your decision to attend. But also expect that, if you persever, you will be forever changed, prepared to take on challenges in a way you never thought possible.