Berea College Top Questions

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There are two things are unique about this school.First is tuition price which is very important for international students and other thing that it must fit. For me it fits due to it's climate,location, campus size and student ratio.


Each student is a provided a full tuition scholarship and given a laptop upon arrival. Also students are involved in a work study program and get a chance to work part of their tuition off. There are many grants to travel to conferences, travel abroad, and places in the United States. I like how the school has a January term as well and many special courses are offered during that time. The school is located in a small town, but it leaves a big impact around the city of Berea, state of Kentucky, and across the country.


Berea College is a work school. Every student has a campus job that allows us to learn self respect and work habits while in school. The school isn't focused on fraternities and sororities. Everyone gets along happily and it's the perfect campus.


It is practically free. It is just the right size. The professor to student ratio is perfect. I have had big classes before but no more than like 30-40 people at once. Most of my professors really care about the students' progress in the courses. I love my major and have been able to do so many things that would have never been possible if I went somewhere else. I dont have to worry about paying more than I can really handle. I am going to be in debt but it would be worse if I went somewhere else.