Berea College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Since our college serves economically disadvantaged students, we usually do not have money to do extra things like other college students do. We have to work at work-study wages to pay off our room and board while also trying to buy school-related things and also go out to a movie sometimes. We try to make a dollar stretch as much as it can without ripping in half. Also, our school is very small and in a rural town and the majority of the students do not have cars to take a break from campus.


The most frustrating thing about Berea College is the Financial Aid office. This school is supposed to be free tuition, but they apply all of these fees into your term bill. When trying to get additional financial assistance, it is extremely difficult. The people in the office can be rude at times and like to discuss your difficulties in front of other people.


They tell you that you get a lot of money off of your tuition, but when you arrive, each student balance is figured up individually. You can still end up paying a significant amount and taking out loans. The amount owed is calculated by your family's well-being. They don't take into account that you may have to pay your own college expenses by yourself (like I have to do).