Berea College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Very diverse, lots of international students and cultural opportunities. Very eco-friendly.


The labor program that offers students the responsibility of a job on campus that also allows them to put money toward their tuition and term bills here at the college.


The best thing about my school is that this institution seeks promising students that are financially handicapped. Usually, poor students are either unable to afford college or have to take out numerous loans to worsen their financial situation. Berea College invests over $20,000 in each student and they are seen as academically promising and expected to graduate. Lower middle class and poor students have a chance to graduate from a college debt-free and earn a degree from one of the most well known colleges in the United States. Berea College produces well-rounded and educated adults.


I rate my school in the highs for diversity. i have never met so many people different from me in different ways and it provides perspective from the classroom, to food choices, organizing events, etc. it helps prepare the students for life in the real world where everyone is not the same as you are. there are a good number of international students who are just amazing, different religions, sexual orientations, dietary preferences, etc. Just so many different people to get to know, love and appreciate.


The thing that I consider the best thing about my school is the class size. All of the classes that I have taken, there has not been over 25 students.


The great finacial aid, allows students with less money to still get a great eduaction.


I think the school's best aspect would have to be the price of tuition. Tuition is free for every student at my school, though, depending on each student's income, they have to pay whatever the school dtermines to be suitable and reasonable for room, board, and food services.


I like how much the teachers care about the students. You can go to your professors with all kinds of problems, and they'll help you out if they can.


The best thing about Berea College is the fact that it is bringing people together from applicatian regions, that are diverse and each have something unique to offer into this one small area. Within this school everyone comes from similar economic status and therefore it makes everyone who comes here from a similar background, with similar stories, making a close community where you make friends for a lifetime.


Everything... the students... professors ... and campus people in general. i love it here.