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Bergen Community College

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For a community college the school has a massive mix of cultural and ethnic backgrounds. There are about 80+ different nationalities involved with the school. The education is coming from professors who have studied at world class universities from all around the world. The school is just about right in its size. Peoples reactions towards the school might pass it off as an average school of education, but until you've stepped inside one of the classrooms you will realize the type of learning environment a person is in. This is a fantastic center for public education and for students who wish to transfer to a four year institution after the completion of two years at Bergen.

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In high school - as many students do - I always told myself to make sure that I did not go to community college. Due to complications with the four year universities that I was admitted to, I decided that it was best for me to attend BCC. Going into BCC I was not motivated, expected a very easy curriculum, and did not expect to learn much. One week into my first semester I realized that my expectations were inaccurate. BCC has shown me that there is a lot for me to learn; academically and personally. I have learned what my full potential is as a student, how to manage my time, and how to adapt to college life smoothly; as well as very crucial academic material necessary for future courses that I will be taking at whatever four year university I transfer to. Overall, I have enjoyed my experience at BCC so far. Looking back on my decision, I do not regret attending BCC whatsoever.

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