Bergen Community College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Bergen Community College is a college for students that love diversity, activities, athletics and much more. It is a school for any student for that matter. As a student there myself I walked into this college not knowing exactly where I was headed, but I found my path. This is the perfect college to go to where a student will discover themselves aswell as unknown abilities, likes, dislikes . It containtes a great atmosphere with equivalent professors, administrators and an overall faculty. It is a great start on the road to finding yourself and gaining knowledge.


I believe any kind of person should attend Bergen Community College. It is a very diverse college. Not much competition. Everyone is basically focused on their own thing. This school has many clubs and activities that everyone can do. Not many community colleges have sports but Bergen Community College does. I am actually a student athlete, I play softball.


personally i think that no one should go to a community college. yes its cheaper but wth what i said above it all adds up! or if someone is looking into a community college make sure you you have a major and all your credits are other words be prepared!


Those who know why they are there, and diligently are working towards it.