Berkeley City College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


The Advice I would give myself to really focus on getting good grades. And start early talking with your counselor to make sure that I'm on the right track in nineth girade. I think if I was really educated on how important grades and class was I would have probably got accepted in to more colleges and qualify for more grants. If I had an opportunity to redo my senior year again, I would definely do things differently as far as raising my grades and focus on completed all of my A-G class, and to also take the AP classes.


I'd tell myself: "Stay true to what you know is right for you, little guy. Stay true to yourself. It'll bring you to some challenging experiences that you can't even imagine right now, but it will also bring you through them. You're right in not wanting to go to college now, you're too restless and curious about the world and too hungry for experience. You're going to get so much more out of college when you do go, because you'll have worked all that restlessness out of your system and you'll be ready to WORK IT! Your teachers will love you as a student, your classmates will look up to you, and you will feel a lot better about life and the future. You're not even going to worry about the transition; it will be like nothing, because you will be that ready for it."


College life is challenging, but worth the effort. In order to see yourself to pursue a college education you have to see yourself, before you see yourself, going to school, graduating and living the lifestyle you dream of. To make the transition from high school to college you must believe that you will be successful, and focus on your educational goals. You also must be determined and driven. College is an exciting opportunity and worth pursuing, especially in this country. College is an opportunity to learn new and different information, meet people from all backgrounds and get a taste of being independent, if you desire to go to college away from home. From personal experience college is great regardless of your age, background or disability.


Attending Salesian High School was both a blessing and an enormous weight I carried for four years. Being privately educated all my life had left me certain it was going to get harder and that I 'd make it through. I said this so that I can push myself to get good grades. As I spent more time studying, I began ignoring my health, family, and friends. I was consumed in my efforts to get good grades that I started losing myself and my religion through stress that I had brought upon myself. Moving on to college brought me to a point in my life I worked hard for. But I arrived without a plan that was supposed to be backed up by my passion. Giving my grades too much importance stopped me from both living life and seeing the bigger picture. So if I could talk to my high school-self, I would say, ?Listen to your heart because that will help you find your passion and your dream. In your pursuit of your dream, don?t give up or lose sight of those you love because you will only be striving in life and never arriving.?


I would tell a seventeen year old me to wear a watch. I would say, girl, don't rely on your cell phone to tell you the time and stay connected. Use a planner! It will be your best friend if you treat it right. And speaking of friends... I would tell myself to just go for it, get to know everyone you can, and let them get to know you! When you leave home for college, you leave your home and your friends. It is of the utmost importance that you make friends at a new school and learn how to study with them during your first semester. I would tell myself, get over yourself and stop thinking you are too smart for study groups. The is power in collective knowledge! Those long hours of homework aren't too bad if you are with friends and practice healthy time management. Fresh baked cookies are a great addition to an intense study session. And lastly I would tell myself not to stress and that every road has bumps and holes, it is OKAY. Relax seventeen year old me, everything will work out for the best.


I would definitely tell myself to stop lying to myself. I feel more like myself now than ever. I would have let myself know that my friends would still love even though I happen to be homosexual. I was so afraid of them hating me for it that it stunted my growth as a person during the time. The funny thing is most of them already suspected the fact anyway. I would also tell myself to be a more frugal person in my first semester. For some reason I thought that money just sprouted out of the ground or something. That little fact would have kept me out of a little stint of repaying the back for a bunch of overdraft fees. Overall i would just tell myself to be more financially saavy and to skip the semester in art school it would set me back a little .


IF the man you want to marry is concerned with your well being he will wait and encourage you going to college. Your marriage may fail, your husband may be injured or killed and you left to support your family. Without higher education you will not be able to give your children what they deserve as they grow. There are very few women, alone or not, who can afford not to work in these times and without a degree you can't expect to make an adequate living. As you discover who you are and what your interests are you will want to enrich yourself with learning. Without a degree it will take years to reach the level of education to pursue your passion. If you have a basic degree you can launch yourself in any direction you want or need to go. Most people will change their career at least once in their working life. Having a degree will provide a basic foundation for upgrading your skills or aquiring new skills most effectively. As long as you are healthy the only thing you cannot lose is your education. Live long and and live fully, go to college.


Never take out a private student loan!!!!!!!!!


Hello high school senior self. Let me start off by saying that you look great. But I'm not here just to compliment you, I also come bearing some invaluable advice. Please know that you are approaching a huge transition point. Your life, as you know it, is about to change drastically. You may find yourself feeling lost or confused. That's okay, it's normal. It will take some time for you to find your calling. Try to use this upcoming period of your life to expand your mind, challenge yourself, and grow as a person. You are young, full of energy and interests. Explore everything you feel like exploring. If you find yourself drawn to one thing, but then loose interest, don't beat yourself up. Embrace the fact that you are in an unsure part of your life. You may change your mind a million times, while in college, about what you eventually want to do. That is exactly what this time in your life is for. Now ,go out there, find out about the world and find out about yourself. You're about to have the time of your life!