Berkeley College-New York Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


As a high school senior, nerves of adulthood begin to slowly begin to creep in mind due to 18 years coddled, safely under parental guidance. Finding a job, paying bills and cooking your own food are just a few new obstacles to worry about, yet the main obstacle is fear in wondering is if the course work will be too complicated to complete college. My advice would be to relax--do not let this fear hinder you during your college education. College can sometimes mimic the tricky, yet tempting, carnival crane. It may be hard to attain a prize on the first time, but with determination eventually you will get it. That can be said for your life in general, so be positive! Coursework will not be hard unless you make it so. Success is nurtured and cared for just like you were as a baby, and it takes time to cultivate into something great, just like you have become this far. To make things easy just study hard, write great notes, time manage everything; always ask the professor questions—no question is considered unintelligent—and you’ll be A-OK on your way to success.


Do whatever you can to suceed . Do not let anyone or anything get in the way of your studies because you will regret it in the end.


I would definitely tell myself to get better grades and that I should of been more in my books than chasing after girls,but I guess I had to learn from my own mistakes.


From attending Berkeley College, I feel very encouraged. The professors, so far, always do the best they can to help me. Berkeley have fun instructors that make the classes fun and entertaining me to learn. Even though at time, school can become tough and aggravating, I still push myself to attend all my classes and do the work because I know that it'll all pay off.


The one advice I would give every senior in high school is that they should save up. Also remind them the party in college will always be there, so dont waste time and pay attention in school and stay goal oriented. As a college student myself, I realize that how fast we grow up, within just months. I would tell them to not pick colleges just because their friends are attending that college, really go check out schools and find the one you like to help you find the nitch in your daily life.


well my life when I was in the high school was very intersting because my classmate were only women and everybody very special for me in this time.but If i cant to back the time I gues that my advice will be than i should to study more to became to be a major student in the future because the time is gold and more now. the life is dificult when you are more mature and to learnd to work for yourself and to get something better in the life. I guess that I can with my family near to me and with this person special too.


The next four years of your child's career is his and her beginning of "new life". Students shoudn't be pushed into attending a college where his/her parents graduated from but he/she should go to a college where they can learn and be free in doing what THEY enjoy doing and learning about. Students shouldn't be pushed into learning at this point. If they want to learn and go above and me; they will. They will be the best they can and achieve the most of the situation as they possibly can. Remember....let your child become dependent of him/herself and you they will become a wonderful, bright, open-minded individual who sees the world and the work force with lots of opportunities for his and her own future to come.


College is the most important phase of any student's life. For that reason students should take time researching for the school that best fits their needs. The best way to do it is by going to the college's website and see what they have to offer,like financial aid, the classes necessary for your major, campus location. Also google the name of the school and see the school's reputation. Its very important that the student feel comfortable in the school before they apply to it. As for the parents, try to motivate your son/daughter about college. Its the best time in their life, and its what going to prepare them for the future ahead.


Let you rkids do the reaserach them selves and let them decide


If I was able to preform my college search over again I would reccomend doing alot of research on any college you plan to attend. It is really important to understand what the college can offer you in terms of job stability in the future, course offerings, living situations, etc. Make a list and rank its importance 1-10; make sure you find what is most important to you in a college. This is a life changing decision that must be made wisely. Good Luck to you all in your future.


Visit colleges you are interested in and stay in the area for a few days to feel what it would be like to live there. Also take your time, even if your not sure, take a year off to decide. It's better to make the right choice and not rush into anything.


Considering the right college is strictly about what the student him or herself wants, not parents, family, friends or anyone else. A student who is motivated by business should attend a major business school like Berkeley who is extremely focused on business and every aspect of it.


Do not jump into anything. Make sure that you look carefully at all school campus. If something tells you no, than no its a four year decison that will help you as an individual create yourself. Good Luck and enjoy the experience.






I suppose that every student about to apply for college has an idea of what it is that they want from the institution. In all honesty sometimes we have to compromise these expectations. One of the most important things that you want to look for are good Financial Aid and Student Development departments. These two departments you will be having to deal with no matter how long you will be in college, so you should definitely make sure that they are comfortable people and assess that they have a grasp of what it is they're supposed to be helping you with. You should also try to get to know some of the students or converse with them when you go to visit. It's important to get more than one opinion when it comes to this because one person's bad experience could turn you away from the school that is just what you're looking for. Depending on your preferences you should inquire about their extra-curricular activities. If you have never been a part of such activities or they don't have the ones you're looking for find out if you could start one yourself.