Berkeley College-Woodland Park Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Many students engage their spare time to stay in the student lounge to watch tv, play games,talk or just chill . The students are mixed, everything from Sweden, Norway to Iran. So if diversity is important I would go with Berkeley


The students are from all over the place. One of the greatest things about education is the fact that people have different opinions. Like many aspects of life, education should not only be about lecturing, but also about conversing. The students at Berkeley all have voices which reflect their individual beliefs. The majority of the students come from neighboring students but there are definitely some international students as well.


My classmates are split: focused & not focused.


My classmates are loud, demading, and often they seem distracted by their fellow classmates and the college excitement.


My classmates are very helpful and encouraging.


They are very well diverse individuals that I can learn a lot from.


My classmates are really sweet, helpful, kind, and genorous.