Berkeley College-Woodland Park Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I tell my riends that my school is just the best out there. this is so because in order for a school to be the best it really has to be the best. It is because everything you do while at berkely you will do to better yourself you will never have to do anything that will not helop you in your future.


The longer I'm at school and living on campus, the less I find that I like about the school. The RA's and SGA do alot to keep you occupied, but a lot of the events aren't that great or well-attended. The only real positive that is constant at Berkeley is the small size of the classes and the Berkeley Advantage (get a four year degree in three years).


Classes are small, professors are most focused on every single student.


I brag most about how fast i finish classes over a traditional college. The school is quarterly so in one year of school I've already taken between 16-20 classes.


It'll only take me about 3 years to get a bachelor degree.