Berklee College of Music Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Music. For the quality of students. Everybody helps everybody here. Everybody supports in music. It's hard to leave this school.


Berklee is best known for providing the best contemporary music education in the country. Anything you want to do at Berklee can be accomplished. You can even create your own ensemble classes if it is not already offered. This school is truly a life changing experience and well worth the investment.


Berklee College of Music is best known for producing well trained, world renowned artists in every field of music. Students come from every corner of the world to study contemporary music and to share their own unique backgrounds and talents, so that each student is enriched with a wide range of cultures and diverse musical styles. Berklee's goal for creating successful, professional, well rounded musicians is what makes it such a prestigious and well known school.


Berklee is the perfect place for career-driven musicians who are ready to network and study around people that are just as dedicated.


Berklee is known for its ability to prepare students for working in different aspects of the Music Industry.


Berklee College of Music is best known for music of course. We have an excellent Music Business and Music Production and Sound Engineering department. Most of are students have opprotunites to do something in the music industry after they graudate.


The quality of the contemporary music education! We have big-name, well experienced teachers, and an incredibly well respected list of alumni.


Turning out either top selling recording artists or strung out nobodies.


Berklee College of Music is best known for being one of the most prestigious contemporary music schools in the world.


Berklee is best known for being a music only college.


The diversity of the choices you can make. You can spin your life to your long as you have enough credits to graduate.


Being the best contemporary music school in the world.


Berklee college of Music is the premiere Contemporary music school in the world, specalizing in everything from an unorthodox ,yet traditional Music Education department, to an Award Winning Music Production/ Engineering department.


For its great musical achievements world-wide. Berklee has connection schools in different countries such as Mexico, Greece, France, Italy, etc. Several well-known artists attended this school, such as John Mayer, Steve Dyke and latin artist Juan Luis Guerra, as well as Gloria Estefan and her husband Emilio Estefan who did a Doctorate's Degree here.


The exceptional music producers, performers, teachers and therapists that it produces.