Berklee College of Music Top Questions

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Berklee appreciates the connection between student and teacher and approaches the art of music as a breathing substance. There is a spirituatlity that needs to be seen and appreciated in order to grasp many of the concepts (including self improvement) that Berklee highlights. Berklee is like an adult playground with everyone running around expanding their limits, jamming their hearts out in cramped practice spaces and laughing the whole way through it all. No matter what your area of study is, you'll never forget the feeling of playing your instrument and creating such a feeling with those around you.


First and foremost, we're a school dedicated to the pursuit of knowing everything there is to know about music. This being said, we are the most welcoming school to anyone. I auditioned at many other performing arts schools and none compared to the feeling of inclusion that is overwhelming here at Berklee. I'm lucky to have such wonderful and helpful faculty, and friends in such a wonderful city.


The most unique thing related to Berklee is the ethinicity diversity. There people from all over the world and an enviroment like that is very important for us to learn how to respect the cultural diferences between students. Another strong quality of Berklee is that every student share a passion for music.


I love so many things about Berklee, but the best thing for sure is that is unlike no other place in the world. I have the opportunity to become the best musician I can be while attaining the resources to start a career in the music industry. Every major is focused in the music industry, and the enviornment is perfect for networking and inspiration. I'm daily surrounded by talented musicians, who make me want to better myself. Berklee brings in professionals from the music industry as professors or for clinics, so that we learn from the best source possible.


I applied to, SCAD, Manhatinville, Arts Institute, and Seton Hill, but my heart was with Berklee. Berklee stood out because of its ability to make a family out of its international and domestic students from around the world. Working together to accomplish all that we strive for. I remember sitting down in the B.P.C when a speaker stepped on stage and said " Look around you now and realize that you're sitting amongst the next generation of musicians. Some of you will become some of the most famous musicians know. This is why Berklee is unique to me.


There are only music related majors here, it makes it dificult to re-assimilate back into non musician society


Its geared for the arts and what you want to do in life with Music.


The curriculum is AMAZING. It's truly the best and one of a kind you will not find anywhere else on the planet. It can't be beat.


most people won't find a job in there proffesion


We get the chance to meet famous artists in the industry. This semester alone, Brian Mcknight, Patrice Rushen, James Taylor and John Blackwell (Drummer for Prince and Justin Timberlake) came here.


Very talented faculty lots of performance opportunities in all styles of music.


Besides being in Boston, Berklee has a goal-oriented approach to anything that has to do with the music business.