Berklee College of Music Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I talk most about the fact that I was accepted into one of the greatest colleges for jazz music.


I do not like to brag about my school for the sole reason that there is just so much to brag about. I feel incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to study something that I am so passionate about, and I cannot imagine being at any other school. I could brag about the amazingly talented people I get to meet and study with, or the famous artists that come to participate in the school's enthusiasm, but I would most likely brag about my overall confidence that I will be successful in life doing what I love.


The visiting aritst clinicians are incredible! Phillip Bailey, Paul Simon and John Mayer in the same year!


I brag about the quality of education I will be receiving and the amount of pure talent the school boasts. The unique setting of Boston and the life in the city adds to that. Berklee is a really cool place to learn, grow, and just be.


Berklee is one of the three top music colleges in the world. Berklee has connections with the Music Industry and is known internationally. Berklee founder was Lawrence Berk, an engineer and arranger of CBS & NBC radio orchestras, who wants to provide practical career preparation for the working musician. Students, Staff, and Alumni has won awards from the ASCAP, Billboard, Golden Globes, the International Bluegrass Music Association, Grammy Awards, Latin Grammy Awards, Oscar Awards, Emmy Awards (Daytime & Primetime), Thelonious Monk Institute Honors. Names like Quincy Jones, Aretha Franklin, and John Mayer are just some of the few success out of Berklee.


How it's funny that there are so many people who love doing the same thing as I do. Who can wake up in the morning and say that this is where I want to be, there is nothing I would rahter be doing than being here at Berklee creating a song that someone will walk down the isle to. Also how it's okay to walk down the street singing to the top of your lungs, or imitating playing an instrument in a restaurant and no one will look at you like you're wierd.


I brag the most about the amazing musical opportunities Berklee has to offer. From having access to world-class facilities, faculty, and a diverse student population, I love to share just how easy it is to educate myself in all ways possible.


The outside experiences of playing shows, and doing gigs with other students, and various band situations.


The connections the school has with music industry leaders.


The famous musicians who attended and/or do clinics at the school.


The amount of Diversity and the alumni.


Prestige, how much what you learn is applicable to your field


I brag mostly about how much I'm getting out of my classes, and how much better I've gotten as a singer just from being here. I also brag about the special guests that come to give us clinics; we're very lucky students here.


I brag about the teachers. The teachers are Berklee are amazing because they are well-known musicians and have had some of the greatest experiences performing, writing for the greats like Chaka Kahn, Reba, Amy Grant, etc. and singing with them as well. I also brag about the awesome experiences students get. As soon as a student enters Berklee, it's the start of the networking process and ultimately their careers. Students often end up taking off a semester to tour with their bands or as a hired musician for famous stars!