Berklee College of Music Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing is not having a resource available when you need it the most. A good example is the amount of rehearsal space at Berklee. When it gets to midterms and finals, your chances of getting a rehearsal space are pretty slim and they are definetly working to improve that issue. Other than that, I love the school.


I will attend the school for the first time in the Fall of 2012 so i cannot aswer this.


I honestly can't think of a horrible thing about our school. I guess I would say that we don't have some of the amenities that other universities provide. For example. we don't have an on campus gym, although we do get discounts to local gyms.


At this exact window of time (perhaps the five years surrounding before and after my time at the school), Berklee is experiencing a meteoric leap in the ambition to expand that is both tremendously exciting and a long time in the making but also somewhat diluting and becoming of "diploma-mill" status. The opening of Berklee Valencia and the Berklee Music online school, the adding of minors and possibly a graduate program... all very profound choices, but all focused more on the multiplication of material offered rather than the optimization of courses already offered. They're having an identity crisis.


The intensity and focus on maintaing a career in music, while being surrounded by talent and potential competition in every aspect of music, and the jobs that pertain to a musical career.


Honestly, there is not much that I can say is even remotely disappointing about my school. The only thing I can think of is that I wish the cafeteria closed later than 7:30 due to conflicting class schedules.


Berklee lacks a work out facility of any sort. With the price of tuition being so great it is unreasonable that the school lacks the place and equipment necessary for the students to stay in shape.


The worst thing about my school is the location. I love Boston but the weather is something to get use to the air is so dry here. Also the winters here are very cold, and the summers are very humid. It's taking a lot to get use t since I am from a place surrounded by lakes. All the water seems to be taken out of your skin and hair. If you move here drinking the regular amout of water is a must.


Thier ratings system is biased on how well you can play jazz compared to other genres of music. Also I heard thier scholarship program is very biased so that they split up all the entering student scholarship money between different ethnic backrounds.


sometimes it can be an exclusive and hostile environment with concern to music. instead of working together and helping eachother, sometimes students get hyper-competitive with one another.


freshmen students. annoying, naive


They do not take care in some of the older dorms. All the attention is put in the newer main buliding dorm. i think it is the most unfair thing because we're all paying the same amount of money to live there.


Unfortunately, the administration is sort of sketchy, not to mention stingy with school funds--the wonderful people in the financial aid office will do everything they can to help you out, but they aren't the big kahunas when it comes to deciding how to dish out the money. Berklee is very production based, using up a lot of school money on big concerts and less money on the students... basically, the budgeting at Berklee isn't really all that great.


Lack of extra financial aid support.


Very Competitive among students


The worst thing about Berklee is the fact that it is getting over-populated in the voice department.


Not a lot of support for persuing mastery in multiple instruments, my one big complaint!


Most Students live off campus so it is sometimes hard to make friends.


The school is very expensive. There should be more financial aid and scholarships available.


The worst thing about our school is the fact that we need to have better finacial aid places. Also we need a gym and a better cafeteria.


The cost. By the time I graduate I will have one hundred thousand dollars in student loans


The worst thing about Berklee is the elitist, closed-minded attitude that a lot of students have toward music. Even though it stems from the passion that they all have for what they are doing, it tends to make the learning experience hostile for other students who don't share their tastes or opinions.


The worst thing about my school is that sometimes it get too technical, and people here just want to get right to the know like more hands on projects, more performing since it is a music school. Another thing is that its a little too expensive..and I'm being sarcastic when I say a "little". Also, since its a music school, musicians tend to have a certain reputation, for being too liberal and exposed..if you know what I mean.