Berklee College of Music Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


This isn't a school for people with a lack of capacity to think for themselves and grab what's in front of them. This school has truly so much opportunity with a teacher for every field in music and instrument. Berklee requires students who will relish in the glory of its experienced staff. There is nobody bending down to hold your hand through this and the sooner you ditch the concept of time quit making excuses for yourself, the closer you will be to a fulfilling education here.


If you are not interested in music, you should definitely not attended the Berklee College of Music. That seems obvious but Berklee is a school where the students and faculty live and breathe this art. Make sure music is something that you are extremely passionate about before deciding that you are interested in attending this school!


Many young adults have this dream of becoming famous and just sufficing with the minimum dedication. This is a school of professionals and educator. Music is something that is fun to do yes, but you must really be willing to sacrifice your time and efforts to truly get where you want to go. To be a "whole" musician. Ther is no time for lazyness. No time for procastination. This school is filled with some of the most talented people in the world and to think competition won't be tough is to be living in a dream.


Anyone that is musically creative or artistic should definitely consider thi school. Also, someone with a lot of money.


Any student who isn't artistic shouldn't attend because you are accepted based on an audition.


I don't think I see any restriction for any person, but if you don't have persistance and strong will I wouldn't reccomend Berklee because it's a really competitive enviroment.


Someone who is not into music or plays a musical instrument. Berklee is a music college and most of the classes are geared towards music, even in the business classes because they are music business classes.


For those people who want things in life "just to come to them", Berklee is not the place to be. At Berklee you must fight to stay on top.


This particular school is for music professions and majors, so if one is not musically inclined or has a low interest in the field, then this school isn't for him or her. Someone with lack of effort or desire to proceed, should not attend.




Someone who doesn't want to work hard and dedicate thier lives to music.


A driven person who has a passion for music so deeply rooted within his or her bloodstream should attend Berklee College of Music. This student must be ready to soon share his or her divine gift of music with the entire world, and this student must be determined to create a legacy through utilization of the craft he or she works tirelessly to perfect.


I dont believe that there isnt a single person who couldnt find the niche at Berklee. There are groups that cater to everyones personalities and none of the are closed minded. Everyone here is very open to the posibility of new experiences and new ideas. So I suppose I would not recomend Berklee to a close minded person.


Someone who is sheltered and afraid to step out of the box.


One who doesn't have the drive to do everything in their power to make it on their own. Once you graduate, it's up to you.


Someone who is really into learning as much about all types of music as possible.


Do no attend the Berklee College of Music unless you are 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} that music is your passion. If you are not sure whether or not you want to be involved in the music industry after College, do not go to Berklee. It is a College that is truly meant to the focused and the passionate.


Any musician that doesn't play jazz


The kind of person who shouldn't attend the school is somebody who wants to get a job in the music industry without really having any idea what exactly they want to do. People who also don't have a very strong background in music or are impatient in their skill building should also stay clear.


Lazy people! People who have no drive or talent. People who are incapable of making strong decisions and relying on only themselves or taking charge.


If you have no musical experience, or if you don't enjoy jazz music, you should not attend Berklee.