Berklee College of Music Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The only thing that I have found frustrating about my school, is that everything is still in testing mode with my major. I am a part of the online program and it is very new.


I will attend the school for the first time in the Fall of 2012 so i cannot aswer this.


Attending Berklee College of Music can be very frustrating. Actually I believe being at any college that is based on arts can be frustrating. There is a great amount of talent all around the campus, but with talent comes competition , jealousy, and drama. When you add all of those components, the sum equals confusion and frustration.


First of all, there is not enough room in the housing department to accommodate even half of the students that attend my school. Secondly, even though it is a private school, the tuition is really high for a music school, plus there are other superfluous fees required each semester. And last, the most frustrating thing to me about this school is there is not a promise of a job or even a set career after a student has graduated.


Ihave to work a lot to support myself, so having enough time is the most frustrating thing.


Though the school provides mostly everything you need, they won't advertise it. If you want to get something done you have to go look for it, or learn it on your own. Though there are several offices to help you with the process. If you can find them.


The most frustrating thing about Berklee College of Music is that we don't have an official gym space for students to exercise.


A lot of the teachers at Berklee tend to close the scope of their teachings to those who intent to perform. Also, although I have no basis to say this, it seems that if you do not show potential for being famous or wealthy with your music skills, the Berklee administration is oblivious to you.


There is almost too much focus on diveristy at the school and it sometimes hinders the chances of those deserving of certain awards to recieve them. Often that leads to not getting in, or not being able to fund your education.


At the Berklee College of Music, the focus is primarily on Jazz and traditional studies rather than contemporary. Most students believed that would they would be learning about how to succeed in the music industry today, but they are actually recieving an education about to succeed in the music industry of the 1970's and 1980's.




The work against how much time we have to actually, legitimately PRACTICE. The G.E. classes are all completely useless and give us even LESS time to focus on what we need to do. Also, some professors tend to grade unfairly simply out of how seriously they take their work when the class really has no relevance towards one's major.


Dealing with musicians.


The workload is so heavy that you never have time to make music that isn't for a class and it can be a long time before you can actually apply what you've learned. The financial aid department is also not terribly helpful for middle class students.


The cost to attend


That they are not completely thorough in the offices. If they could be a little more accessable and thorough then i would be happier.


They don't have a gym, or a weight room.