Berklee College of Music Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I would have had a better grasp on how expensive everything is. Not just the school itself, but also the city of Boston. A bank account can be quickly depleted by everyday expenses. A lot of the time you won't be able to run home between class and will have to eat near campus. Also, if you're looking to go out on the Boston music scene, that can get quite pricy.


I wish I had known more about Audio Technology because it would have been helpful in my current major. I also wish I had known how expensive off campus apartments are.


I wish i knew what major i wanted so that i could finish school earlier.


When Berklee says that their intention is to distinguish themselves as the sole proprietor of an education in contemporary music and the music industry in its most modern state, they are serious. Berklee is highly contrasted from the typical music-school "conservatory" model. They place a majority emphasis on practical, modern, timely scenarios in their course selection, and arguably not enough emphasis on timeless, theoretical, abstract, conceptual "job-training" type material. If you have the desire to be technically educated as an engineer of any sort, to not be an instrumentalist primarily, you should probably consider a trade school.


I wish i could have known the work habits and what shedules really are like,its seems as if all your classes are going to be strictly on your priciple.Other than that what you see is what you get which is awesome. I wish i could have known the teachers a little before just to get the pace on how they work and operate as far as assignments and timing. Also as far as having late classes,because sometime the classes would be around the same time as a rehearsal for a show.But everything is great.


I thoroughly researched and studied in to Berklee College of Music before attending in the Fall of 09'. I felt as thought I knew everything I needed to know prior to studying here. I would advice prospecitve students to do the same so that there is no miscommunication once they arrive!


I wish I had known there was such an emphasis on reading and ear training. That would have helped me to know before so I could practice those things before I came here and be well established and a more solid musician. I also wish I also would have known opportunities come from everywhere so don't waste any one of them or else you're not getting what the school is mainly there to provide besides education: contacts!


I wish that I had a greater knowledge of music theory and better knowledge of my instrument prior to attending Berklee. It would have speeded up my class progress and activity among the student group.


I knew a lot about the school and the area before I came here, but i would say that I wish I had known how difficult it would be to support myself and how far in debt I would become.


I wish I would've done a lot more research on the area as far as housing and pricing is concerned. I also wish I would've worked for a period of time to save up more money to able to focus more on being involved at school and less on working at a job that gets in the way of taking up time I could have practicing and networking.


Before moving to Boston, MA and attending Berklee College of Music, I wish I would have familiarized myself with the area more in order to find cheaper housing. Also, I would have attempted to study some of the core music material on my own in order to place out of the classes. Berklee offers many opportunities for students to prove their knowledge of the course material by taking a placeout test. Doing this will reduce the amount of money used pay for school, by reducing the number of classes left to take.


How fast it goes bye


I wish I knew more music theory. Other than that I was pleased with what I had learned in high school and elsewhere.


I wish I had known how diificult it would be to live in the urban environment.




How much it is student based- you are really require to take everything you can from it or you won't get a thing out of it even if you get straigh A's.


I wish I knew how tough the work was going to be.


The intricacies of each major.


How much the school expects you to learn each semester, or the workload of the school so you can prepare that much more for it.


This school is great. I have no complaints. I was not prepared, however, for the cost of tuition. But that's not only Berklee.


I wish that I had more experience with Jazz music before coming to Berklee. Berklee is a contemporary music college, and I think it would have helped me a lot to know more about the history of contemporary music before I started. I also wish that I knew what the food was like, because I would have avoided the cafe at all costs!!!!