Berry College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The job-opportunites you have here are immense and they tie into your major seamlessly. I wouldn't have landed a job after college without it.


The school is huge (in terms of acres) and beautiful. It is large enough in population to be diverse, and small enough to feel like you belong to a community. The friends I have made here are the best friends I have ever had.


How the class size is very small and that every student knows their professor. The classes are challenging and thought provoking in a cultivated environment to learn. Also having one of the biggest campuses in the world with beautiful scenery and an abundant wildlife population.


The beauty of the campus. The campus spans over 26,000 acres and features the main campus, where classes and facilities are located, and then the mountain campus, where most of the recreation takes place. There are horse, bike, and hiking trails and historic buildings along the way. There are also two beautiful lakes to spend time at. Campus access is available to the public also even though it is a private school.


I brag about out IT work program, and also our new athletic facility.


When mentioning Berry College to most people, they often respond by commenting on the beauty of the campus. While the campus is most certainly breathtaking, the fact that the college is so small helps builds a strong camaraderie among the peers who attend Berry. There is no Greek Life, but each person essentially 'belongs' to the dorms in which they reside and become very close with their roommates and hallmates. Being an only child, college living has helped me feel as though I now have hundreds of brothers and we all live under the same roof.


The professers at Berry College interact with the students on a personal level. They are available and willing to help. The support we receive from the college to succeed is phenominal. There are so many resources to insure that our college experience is positive and successful. We also have a beautiful campus, it is the largest in the US, with many activities to participate in. Berry College gives back to the community, it is very service oriented. Students are strongly encouraged to be involved in community service. Berry is helping it's students to grow on all levels!


Whenever someone asks me what I like best about attending Berry College, I always tell them that I love their campus and the close knit commumity feeling that surrounds it. I love that there's so much sapce to wander around on, nature to look upon, and things to do. I get to tell people that I live in a castle, which is another bonus to being a Berry student. The faculty, staff, and student body help to make the college experience really worthwhile, and that's something you can't ususally recieve when you go to a big university.


Berry's campus, which is spread over twenty-eight thousand acres, is the largest in the world, and the deer to student ratio is eight to one.


how beautiful the campus is, the major accomplishments that the school has achieved as well as the famous alumni and benefactors, the movies that were filmed here, that its the largest campus in the world....etc.


Small classes, beautiful campus, great friends.


The beauty of the campus.