Berry College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The downfall of Berry College is its lack of student diversity. By far, Berry College has one of the most lucrative small student communities that enrich the learning environment, but the student population itself is bland. Even though the college is full of promising minds, there is a lack of richness, a lack of that culture that the United States was coined to being. Berry College would be the best college if there was a greater multitude of African American, Asiatic, and Hispanic students, among other minorities, because then, it would truly be innovative.


The cost. It's very high.


Since the student population is so small, student diversity is harder to come by. Also some complain about the "bubble" that causes students to not realize what is going on in the world around them outside of the college campus.


I fell in love with Berry College as soon as I stepped foot on campus. It is honestly hard to think of one unpleasant thing about Berry. The campus is centralized for the most part; however, I live in a dorm a little further away from the main part of campus. On most days, I like to walk to class, but on the days I decide to drive, it is difficult to find a parking spot. I end up taking more time to park than it would take to walk. I believe this is an inconvenience that should be addressed.


Residence life. They tend to underestimate the amoung of students who require on-campus housing. Personally I have never faced these problems since I live off campus, but many students don't have that option and are repeadly left without rooms during selection for the upcoming semester. The problems are always resolved, but to students who are affected complain.


The worst ting about Berry College would be it's location. It is located in a very small boring town with not much to do off campus. Another bad thing about Berry College is the fact that many people go home or leave on the weekend and there are few people who stay on campus and there is not much to do.


How drastically it turned into a school founded for individuals who couldn't afford school into a school that is difficult to afford. It used to be completely self-sustained, student run, and now it is a business out for profit. Despite that fact, it is easy to see the foundation the school was founded on, student work availiblity and students run businesses and organizations are a big part of Berry Life.


I think the worst thing about our school is that the campus is very big and there are a lots of students which gives it less of a campus look. Their acceptance rate is very high which causes higher number of students to be admitted causing a negative image towards the standard of education and reputation. Another thing that bothers me is the rising tuition each year. Today the instate tuition has reached over ten thousand dollars, which causes many students to drop out or switch colleges.


The thing that I consider worst about Berry College would just be the tuition. They seem to act like they will help out a lot more with the money situation, but end up not helping out enough at all.


The tuition has to be the only downside to Berry. It is expensive and it is hard to come up with it unless you having been saving for college for a while.


One thing that I feel would deter students from coming to Berry College is the sports program. We are an NCAA Division III school which prevents students from receiving athletic scholarships. Berry College also does not have a football team which could be seen by some as a big downside to attending the school.


some people consider the social life to not be what they expected out of college. I am fine with this aspect of this school because it allows me to focus more on my school work, but some people feel that it is not what they wanted out of college life.


The one bad thing about Berry is the rep of it being an "out-of-suitcase" school, meaning that there is hardly anyone here on the weekends. This year I personally have been working with the head RA's and Student Activites to ensure that there is something to do. The challange is not finding things to do, but rather getting people to actually come.


Requiring the students to live on campus is the worst thing, especially with the rise in tutition.


Coming in as a transfer I had a lot of trouble with the financial aid office. I clearly had enough aid, but it was not going through so I had to pay some money upfront, which was inconvenient seeing as how I did not have that money. Again the following semester I had the same issue.


I think there were too many close minded people at my school. Attending a Christian based private college tends to lead to too many people who aren't willing to open their eyes and see the world around them and branch out and try new things. There were too many people trying to convert others rather than try to understand them and accept them for who they are. The studends preached peace and happiness, but peace and happiness cannot come by forcing other people to accept your views without trying to accept theirs first.


I don't think there is anything that I would say was the worst about Berry. It was a spectacular school.


There is a large population of uber-conservative Christians, especially females pursuing an MRS. degree, who choose to attend Berry.


The food is horrible. It has no flavor and the quality is questionable.


The only thing that is worth complaining about is the amount of tuition that the school requires from each student. However, it isn't unexpected because Berry is a private school. They also provide a great amount of financial aid. But, with all of that being said, many students may turn away from Berry because of their tuition rates feeling that they can't afford to attend. Berry might seem very selective because of this.


The atmosphere of self-righteous hypocrisy


The administration is stifling and non-contemporary. They deny gay student presence and there is an unneeded over-concentration on Christianity. They are often unorganized and unwilling to assist.


Berry often attracts white, upper-middle class, protestant students, so it is sometimes hard for people who don't fit that classification to feel welcomed.