Berry College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone who wants a a very worthwhile education. It is very hard but if you are looking for a great education it is a wonderful place to be. It is also wonderful if you want to work while you are attending school because Berry College offers a job to all of their students on Campus.


Somebody who works better in smaller class size settings should attend Berry; the average class size is 32 students. Professors are always available to help students during office hours. A student who wants garanteed work experience on campus should attend--whoever wants a job on campus is garanteed one. Someone who enjoys being involved in their community should attend Berry. First year students attend a volunteer project in the community, and most students continue to volunteer often in the community. Berry is extremely environmentally friendly, it was rated fourth on a list of top eco-friendly schools in the southeast.


Someone who wants a small nuturing atmosphere. Also it does not hurt if you are athletic and love the outdoors.


Almost any kind of person could and should attend. Particularly if you enjoy outdoor activies such as hiking or biking. We have many trails so it is a great attraction for people who like those kind of things.


Berry truly emphasizes on getting involved and participating in events. A person who is not afraid to try something new or meet new people should attend this school. The small size of this school allows students to get to know eachother and the faculty. Someone who is looking to find lasting connections should attend this school. Also, a student must be prepared to be challanged intellectually.


Anyone would love Berry. The campus is gorgeous, and there are plenty of programs available for everyone. Also, Berry is a smaller school. Most classes have 40 students or less. Berry has a good one-on-one atmosphere.


I think that anybody that can handle working hard could and should attend Berry College. Students that are searching for a good education and are striving for a better learning experience should attend this college. There are major benefits such as a smaller student to teacher ratio making it easier to get help from professors and getting engaged in classroom activities. Students that need help and direction finding a job after college are equipped with the tools of finding one that directly correlates with their major also should attend this college.


Someone who is comfortable in a small, private setting.


A very dedicated person. Also this person should be prepared to work with the kind of people you aren't use to.


Someone who doesn't party or slack off or drink too much. Someone who can follow the rules and study hard.


A person that likes a tight knit environment focused on community and relationships.