Berry College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


There never seems to be anything to do on weekends or outside of class.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the lack of parking. You would think with the world's largest campus we would have a decent amount of parking. Alas, Berry is very conscious about the environment and since the college is technically a wild life preserve our parking lots are lacking. Expect to be biking and walking to most of your classes, especially on rainy days so always have an umbrella handy. Don't forget to invest in a bicycle as well. It will save you a lot of valuable time in the end, not to mention gas.


The most frustrating thing about Berry College is the online website for students and faculty. The website is highly effective and useful, but the grades system is hardly used by the professors. Berry College highlighted that they are up to date with their grade inputs throughout the year, but as the year went on, only about one or two of my professors constantly posted grades. This results in ignorance of grades, and can cause students to miscalculate their GPA's because they are unaware of their academic progress.


The thing that can be the most frustrating about Berry College is the difficulty of the general education classes that most freshman undertake during the first year. Though it can be frustrating, it is ultimately fulfilling knowing that a great deal of time and energy can be put forth to receive a good grade in a class that may not be necessarily geared towards your major. I have heard certain people claim that most professors at Berry make their general education classes just as time consuming and difficult as the upper level courses that they teach.


Regressive, fundamentalist leadership that keeps Berry College from becoming all that it could be.


The most frustrating thing about my school to me is the professors? opinionated grading. Some of the professor are very opinionated and grade us according to their opinions. Grades soon fall after a while because the professor feels that you are against what they think is right or because you seem that you are not prepared or attemping to excel in class. Students are not allowed to do anything about it because the professor is protected by the tenure act keeping them from being fired without just cause that does not include biased grading.


The most frustrating thing about Berry is the limited options of housing stemming from its small size and recent change to mandatory on campus housing. There are limited choices of where to live and the option to live off campus has been taken away. In addition to this, Berry has awful internet access.


Not enough faculty in my major, so not many classes offered.


This physical and emotional demand of the courses.


there never seems to be enough student parking spaces...


Even though the school is small and that it is good, it can also be negative, because everybody knows everybody's business, so it can be like high school sometimes. The other thing that sucks sometimes is that athletics aren't as huge of a deal at Berry as they are at other schools, and there isn't a football team. I wish there had been more school spirit while I was there, however it has improved since the new gym opened.


not enough males