Berry College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The academics are tough, but you learn a lot and are challenged in a way that helps you grow as a person. Most of the professors are great. They really care about how much you learn, and your well being. The students and staff are also very open and friendly.


The best thing about Berry is the strong sense of community felt on campus because you feel like you're at home. It is really easy to make Berry your home. It's not like other schools where you feel like you are at a school. At Berry you feel at home wherever you are.


As every student, I was very nervous and shy coming into college. It was a big transition in my life, and quite frankly, I did not think I was ready. My parent's got divorced when I was young, and I spent most of my childhood helping my mother take care of my younger brother and sister. I was not ready to leave them. Within the first week, I knew everything was going to be okay. Berry College is a very friendly campus. Professors and fellow students made me feel at home, and it definitely changed my outlook on college.


The best thing about Berry College is the amount of opportunities that are offered to you. There are study abroad options, tons of clubs, tons of on-campus jobs, and there are many student resources such as the writing center, free tutors, and the professors have many office hours. You will not miss out on anything at Berry College.


Berry College's student population is small enough that students can become leaders very quickly and access faculty and staff more readily than students are larger schools. That access and upward mobility is quite a privilege!


The best thing about Berry College is the animal science program. It is designed so that you are out working with the animals the fall semester of your freshman year. It also has lot of research projects that students are involved in. The program is designed to give you firsthand experience in what you think that you are interested in.


THe best thing about Berry is the availability of on campus jobs. Students have opportunities in a wide range of fields often dedicated to and directly benefitting in their major field of study or area of interest. Any student interested in an on campus job or opportunity has a guaranteed option for work. Oportunities at Berry are limitless.


Internationally known and is very diverse.


Academic exellence


Good professors.


the experience