Bethany College-Bethany Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Our school is best known for it's comprehensive education program. Students are allowed freedom within their curriculum to take classes that interest them and design a major that fits their interest. The professors at this college want their students to thrive and are always looking to help thier students out.


Prestigious reputation locally


Bethany is well known for its acedemics and for its atheletics. We are also known for having the nicest students on campus.


My school is best known for it's reputation of distinguished excellence in academics. However, a student applying to this school must consider what I did not. An institution's reputation only means anything if that excellent reputation is: 1) based on fact, 2) based on comparison to other institutions that are NOT of pathetic or poor quality, and 3) continued and supported by the current faculty by whom the college is run. Bethany's tradition is one of which any enrolled student should be proud; our current status is one of which I am ashamed.


Being a town in itself. Basketball.