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Bethany is a very home like environment. Everyone on campus is really sweet and wonderful. The campus also has an amazing landscape and reminds me of Harry Potter. Bethany is also known for it's history and you can tell by the buildings around campus


The setting here is absolutely gorgeous. I made the mistake of visiting this school in the summer when almost no students were here and when classes were not in session. The second I saw the exquisite architecture and the charming layout, I fell in love and felt at home. In addition, the more I learned about our college history, the prouder I became of my acceptance. I did not pay enough attention to the isolation of the tiny campus and the greater implications those size and situational issues could mean for a student attending Bethany College.


It is a very pretty campus. The most eye catching campus I visited. It is very small. It reminds me of my high school.


Intimacy of the people.


Bethany College is a small isolated community. The town of Bethany is the school and the school is the town. Students sometimes mention the "Bethany Bubble" when describing how isolated our college is though Pittsburgh is only an hour drive away. The school is surrounded by wooded hills, farms, and creeks. I enjoy this isolation for the most part but sometimes it is nice to see the city.


Bethany College is a school of disctinction where they encourage hands on learning. You can begin to work with things like the TV or Radio Station right away, and you don't have to be a Comm major. It's a very good school, and the area is gorgeous. I've met some really great people here, and I know I will have a connection to this school for all of my life.