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What kind of person should attend this school?


I think all types of people should attend this school. This is becasue our school, even though very small, has a lot of diversity to it. We have a lot of people from other countries. Also it is a very smal school so people who like that fit in well and people who are from a larger area get to experience the small town feel.


The type of student that should apply here is one who looks to get the most out of college. Outside of what the college provides, there is not a lot of social activity around to participate in. The college is secluded and quaint and is seeking hard working students who are looking for a comprehensive education that will prepare them to work in their future field.


a person that likes small classes and isolation for no distraction


I feel that a variety of people could attend our school. Campus is highly diverse and a very friendly atmosphere so anyone can fit in. People who are deticated to academics and are socially active will fit in the best at our school. Many students on campus are involved in athletics so students involved in sports will fit in as well.


You should attend this school if you like a small school with a lot of student teacher one on one. There aren't many classes with over 20 students, and it is very easy to get help from a professor or even another student. Everyone is extremely friendly and willing to help one another.


a person that likes individual attention. The professors are big on that. Someone that likes to be on campus all the time and who likes to form really strong friendships.