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What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


the most frustrationg thing about the school is how far everything is liike the actual hospital stors and the fact that the school is very small


The most frustrating thing about our school would have to be the location. In order to get groceries and other necessities or do something with your friends you have drive quite a ways to get these items. Campus is very small so sometimes there is limited things to do, so it's not easy to just go down the street and get something to eat or go bowling or see a movie.


The most frustrating thing is our new president, Scott Miller. He just arrived and has decided to save money by cutting a lot of majors. One of those majors was mine, French. It should be mentioned that the Foreign Language department is trying in every way they can to help me graduate, and for that I thank them, but it is becoming more and more difficult because Dr. Miller refuses to provide me and the other five French majors with support and the tools needed to graduate with the proper knowledge in this field.