Bethany College-Bethany Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about Bethany College is the small number of students who attend. I enjoy this factor because it gives each student time to interact one on one with the teachers. In class, the teacher has more time to address problems which the students are having if they do not understand the subject matter. I've learned it is easier to learn in a closed, personal setting. I focus better, and I interact with the class more.


The greek like on our campus is amazing. There is no hazing and never many problems when it comes greek life. About 80% of the campus is greek, and I think that it is a great experience everyone should try.


Closeness of community and teachers.


The best thing about Bethany College is that it is small and there is a true ense of community. The proffessors, faculty, administration, community members, and students are a family. There is a huge support system. Also, a Bethany degree carries alot of weight in the professional world outside this small liberal arts college on the hill. At Bethany, we learn our desired profession as well as how to become a lifelong learner.


Bethany College has small class sizes with the opportunity for a lot of one-on-one time with your professors, a great financial aid package and your choice of a popular major.


Small community, friendly environment, sorority and fraternity life, and the faculty and staff all try to make bethany a great and comfortable place to be.