Bethany College-Lindsborg Top Questions

What kind of person should attend Bethany College-Lindsborg?


Bethany College is a wonderful school that anyone can attend and find success in! Students that don't know what they want to do "when they grow up" or students that have a plan of achieving a bachelor's degree in numerous programs would do well here. There is an abundant amount of activites that students can participate in to help make their college career memorable. This is a campus that will help you become the person you want to be. The only thing that would hold you back is the amount you can dream. Awesome! That is Bethany College!


A Bethany Student should be self-motivated and active. Opportunities, such as job offers, scholarships, or internships, are not handed out because the faculty isn't large enough to inform every student of every opportunity. The options are there however, and it takes a motivated student to take advantage of the great breadth of opportunities the college has to offer.


Any kind, our student population is very diverse and many foriegn exchange students.


People who prefer small class sizes and like a close-knit school community should attend Bethany College. Be prepared for excellent teachers who usually go out of their way for students. Students are competitive, but helpful to their classmates. The small campus is very warm and welcoming and you will feel a connection with all who attend.


Any kind of person. There are people of all kinds here, foreign, black, white, american, everyone. It doesn't discriminate agianst people and there are friends for everyone here.