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What kind of person should not attend Bethany College-Lindsborg?


Bethany College welcomes anyone with the knowledge and wisedom of setting a path for their future. Bethany College is a positive and safe campus for any college student. In my opinon, I am lucky to be here with such great friends and families who encourage others to try their best with their academics and athletics. I like to encourage younger students to try our college and see what they think about the environment and the social life. If they are in sports, have them try practicing with the team.


I know this question isn't to offend anyone, but this almost sounds prejudicial. Why, because a school is supposed to a welcoming environment and not judging any individual. However a school is about the concern safety for the matter of students and staff. So in order to answer your question. The kind of person that shouldn't attend this school is someone who doesn't make a suitiable effort with their education and work progress. This certain individual should want to go on his/her own will. The desire to make something of their lives. Question answered. God Speed.


I believe that it's not a certain person that should or shouldn't come to Bethany. As long as they can have relationship building skills then they will love the place. Regardless of what student is attending college, the importance of friends and the campus community is what creates an enjoyable college experience. I could be located in a college in Alaska, but as long as I have a good bunch of people around me then I am going to have an enjoyable experience. I get this at Bethany.


Anyone who needs a LOT of privacy, needs to be constantly entertained or can't handle a town that occasionally smells like cow pie. Or gay kids looking for relationships. There aren't enough of them to match up.


Anybody looking for a big campus and major parties. Also if you have any significant problems with christianity and especially lutheran faith you might feel uncomfortable.


Honestly, I would say people that are looking for a larger school. Bethany is a wonderful school for those who enjoy getting to know your professors and community. But, for those who don't like small towns Bethany is not exactly for you.