Bethany College-Lindsborg Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish that I would have done a little more research on my major choice. I kind of just picked one because I thought it sounded good and didn't really look into what it actually contained. I love my major, but I wish I would have done the research to explore it a little better and asked more questions on it during tours and campus visits.


College is not at all like high school. Classes are more rigorous and teachers are less forgiving. There is no one to make sure you are going to your classes, no one to make sure you get back to your dorm room at a reasonable hour at night. You are your own life-manager. You have to make sure that you care whether or not you succeed in your classes. Time management is essential. Growing up and taking charge of your own life is virtually unavoidable if success is your wish.


If I had to talk about one item that I wish I would of known before coming to this school, I wish I would of known about all the extra activities offered by Bethany College. If I would of known about all the extra activities offered by this school, my decision to go to Bethany would of been much higher then what it was. Bethany offers activities that incourages you to meet and interact with many people from the college. Therefore, if I wish I would of known one item before coming to Bethany, it would be all the activities.


I wish that I had known that sometimes trying to be someone that you aren't can lead to problems, both academically and socially. Everybody makes mistakes, and it is an unnecessary stress to beat oneself up because of them.


Before coming to Bethany College I wish I would have known how friendly and knowledgeable the professors are. Had I have known this before hand I would have come to Bethany directly as a Freshman, not a transfer. Professors can either make or break one's college experience and we are very blessed at Bethany College to have great professors!


Relationships and dilligence are both very important. At a school this small you won't enjoy yourself without a few close friends. But you, like any school, it's so easy to get behind if you don't stay on top of your work. And speaking of work, job opportunites here kind of suck, especially if you don't have a car to work in a neighboring city. And everyone knows your business.