Bethany Lutheran College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is best known for its small, tight-knit Christian community. All the students and faculty work well together and form bonds and friendships that don't happen as often at larger colleges and universities. The Christian atmosphere are also prevalent in every single department--their missions and what professors teach and how both professors and students show their positive Christian attitudes both on and off campus.


Arts, religious affiliation, size, and communications program. It handles the hockey broadcasting for local schools.


Bethany defies easy description. Although it is a small school, it has many opportunites that most small schools don't, due to its close proximity to the University of Minnesota, Mankato. Yes, it has strong academicians, but it also has strong athletes, strong musicians, strong people of faith. There are a surprising number of African Americans and Asian Americans, considering the schools size - about 600.


Bethany is best known for its tightly-knit Christian community, where you are supported not only in your academic life, but also your spiritual life. The religious side of Bethany is what you make out of it, though, and those searching for a good experience are sure to find it, just as those who are looking for conflict will have no problem rocking the boat.

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