Bethany Lutheran College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I love Bethany, and I love that is is so small (I believe there are about 500 students (IN ALL) this year), but unfortunately, the fact that it is small does cause some problems. The biggest one is that a lot of people go home on weekends, and with the already small number or students, a large percentage of the student body leaves. It's almost creepily quiet on weekends sometimes, but on the other hand, some weekends are really busy.


A small, closed, conservative campus which struggles to maintain its liberal art identity. In that it can't decide whether it is a professional or a liberal arts school, it suffers in both categories.


Restructuring issues pertaining to lack of funding.


The winter! Bethany is in Minnesota and the winters here can be pretty rough sometimes. All in all, though, I am extremely satisfied with the school


I consider the worst thing about my school to be the lack of diversity. Most people end up being teachers or pastors, and none of them really experience venturing out into the world. I spent a semester abroad, and when I came back, everyone seemed boring and satisfied with where they were with no true sense of adventure. They are all the same.


A lack of cohesion. For a campus this size, I should know everyone by name. But because of the cost (low for private liberal arts colleges, high for everything else), people come and go. Because some of the students live off campus, or others have a different major and go to class in a different building, or eat in a different place, I don't get to know everyone as well as I could. I came from an extremely cohesive high school, so my opinion is a bit skewed. That is the one thing I'd like to see changed.


personally, the worst thing about bethany is that it is so far away from my home.


Things are vast schisms between social groups within the school that can sometimes make a person feel out of place or even without a place.


The attitude of the "cool kids in high school" is seen around campus by students and even some professors (i.e. those who are "too cool" to get involved with activities on campus or to actually do productive things with their time.)

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