Bethany University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Put your time and focus into your studies. Get your major in music because that is what is going to help you most in your life. Live your life with no regrets and throw your fears out the window. Put your faith and trust in God and never look back.


I decided not to attend college after high school do to my indecision of my future career. If I had known the importance of a college education and the impact it would have had over my future I would have set up a personal academic calendar and budget plan and moved to college when I was 18. However, my indecisiveness brought me out of school and into a full time job while my friends went out and had "the college experience." If I could have done anything differently it would have been to apply for a state school in my home town and gotten my general education courses completed while my strengths and area of concentration became clear and perceptible. I was assuredly aware of the implications to wait, but I didn't see the harm in doing so, yet in these past few months I have been attending full time at Bethany University and have already found my strengths toward teaching and early childhood education, so waiting probably wasn't necessary. I look forward to completing the program and the professional excellence I will acquire going into a teaching career in the next few years.


Although my lack of opportunity in the workforce was immediately apparent, higher education gave ma the proper nomenclature to recognize my previous socioeconomic status: I was a member of the working poor and was going to stay that way for the rest of my life, if I don't get an education and break the chains that have hindered my entire career. I am a married, father of two, and a non-traditional student (until now.) I often tell people that climbing Mt. Everest would be easier than getting a degree, but I have an absolute resolve to accomplish my educational goals. I love our perfectly designed human bodies that I am learning about, and I can't wait to be a nurse. I see my life metamorphising as I persevere through school. School has also dramatically improved my positive mental attitude towards my current (unrelated) job and even my future, because I know that my current circumstances are merely temporary. School is the force that is changing my life. The promise that it holds for my beautiful. I encourage many other people on a regular basis to enrole and persue their dreams.


At this point in college, I have found so many things that I love that i would never have even thought about before attending Bethany, like campus ministry, and leadership. I am a freshman and bethany has allowed me to grow and adjust so well and so fast to the school, I play basketball and softball and as a freshman I had great seasons so far, they really know how to help you adjust as soon as possible. I feel as though bethany is preparing me to go out into the world and be productive and use the tools that I have aquired here and use them in the world.