Bethel University-Saint Paul Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Christ loving community aimed to helps others grow.


Bethel is home away from home.


Bethel University is a very personal Christian college that strives to individually prepare each student for the real world by teaching with an open and unbiased worldview while instilling each person with a solid moral frame work.


Bethel University is home to a great environment that fosters intellectual, social, and spiritual growth and provides great oppotunities to develop relationships with professors and other faculty and staff to promote learning and job and internship placement.


Christian College, with an amazing community. You will not only gain an education, but you will grow in all areas of your life including, relationships and faith.


Bethel University is one big family.


Bethel University is an amazing private christian school, that is giving students a well rounded education, and are also working for the good of the community, both spiritually, physically, and practically.


My school is faith-focused and a community.


Bethel University is an excellent school that gives students many opportunities to grow personally as well as academically in an uplifting and encouraging environment.


Bethel is a welcoming, peaceful, and wonderful school.


Friendly school that is both challenging and rewarding.


Bethel University is a great and safe place to discover who you really are.


Bethel University is a safe, explorative, successful , spiritual, and supportive community.


Bethel is a Christ-centered community to be in and is also still academically challenging; the students, professors and staff do everything in their power to make new students feel welcomed!


Bethel University is a place for spiritual, academic, and social growth; it is a community of students and faculty which is truly united in creating an amazing college experience for each student.


Bethel is a small, Christian college dedicated to bringing aspects of faith into every part of education.


Bethel University is a very welcoming school that portrays it's Christian values both inside the classroom and out.


A, safe, small, friendly, focused community.


Bethel University is a school that affects each of its students on a personal level through its small class sizes, personable faculty, and friendly atmosphere; challenging those who attend to grow mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.


Bethel University is wonderful place for growth in Christ and academics at the same time. The community here is ubelievably strong. Being a Christian school there are lots of things you can do here that aren't allowed at private schools. The teacher to student ratio is balanced which allows for students and teachers to connect on a personal level. If you're looking to be involved with programs that will help you to grow if your faith, there are plenty to choose from. Overall it's a great school that has many opportunities if you take advantage of them.


A small, close-knit community, focused on creating educated, Chirst-following, well-rounded people that will positively impact our world in future.


Bethel is a small liberal arts school that concentrates on spiritual growth as well as academic learning.


Bethel is a university where you immediately know there is something bigger going on when you walk in the doors; the faculty and students are friendly and excited to be there and you feel a strong sense of community.


Bethel is a place to seek out growth, guidance, and community, but it takes more than coming here to live those things out.


Bethel is an academically, personally, socially, and spiritually challenging and encouraging university.


A great Christian atmosphere that promotes strong values and life-long learning.


The nursing department is wonderful and the professors are willing to work with you to succeed.


No school can be a more perfect school like the University of Maryland; freshly mowed lawns, students walking in a hurry to classes, lectures filled with scholars who are more than ready to pass on their knowledge; it is a safe haven to learn, to grow, and to become successful.


Bethel University is a very heart warming commmunity that is altogether striving to learn more about Jesus Christ.


My school is friendly and encourages everyone to get out there and meet new people.


It is a great place to learn and experience a great christian learning environment with many other like minded people who care about school and all there fellow school mates


The best academic, spiritual, and social choice i ever made.


A very friendly and communal atmosphere.


Growing well informed world changers for the glory of God.


Bethel university is a great place to learn! I like the placement of the school. It is in an urban setting but yet there it is also in the wilderness. I enjoy the teachers and he way they apply Christ into their classes.


Bethel is a friendly Christian community based on academic excellence.


Bethel is a university that care about the students' spiritual, social, and academic development.


Bethel is where Christians are brought together in hope to, later on in life, form strong leaders all around the world.


A university that involves the students in the christian faith to promote and create whole and holy persons.


Bethel is a place where students can get a solid Christian education while being well-prepared for their future career.


Bethel University offers it's students with education that takes learning beyond the classroom, incorporating faith, and an unbelievable catering to each and everyone of it's students to make the college experience amazing.


A group of Christ-centered individuals seeking truth in various career paths.


Bethel University gives its students a good education all while assisting them develop their faith walk into becomeing well-rounded, decision making individuals that help make our world a better place.


community centered


Bethel is great!


Bethel University is an academically challenging school with an outstanding reputation in the community.


Bethel University is a Christian learning community that promotes striving to do well in all areas of life: Faith, Community, Athletics, and Academics.


This school is not fake, nor does it pressure you to be someone you do not want to be, instead it gives you the opportunity to become who you want to be while providing the education, tools, relationships, support, and environment to build you up, both intellectually and spiritually, so that you are prepared and ready to respond to what ever happens at any given moment in this thing called life.


Bethel University is christ centered school that developes students that are well rounded spiritually, acedemically, socially, and leaders.


I love my school it is a very friendly campus where the teachers care about you and want you to succeed.