Bethel University-Saint Paul Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is best known for their physics and engineering program. The Physics Department at Bethel University is exceptional. The physics professors are the best in their respective fields. The students are very willing to help each other with challenging assignments. The laboratories continue to be updated with professional expiremental equipment in all fields of physics and engineering. The Physics Department's relationship to graduate programs and the local industry help the students prepare for the future in either graduate work or their increased opportunity finding employment after graduation.


It is know for its Christian community and atmosphere. It really is a school that focuses on you growing not only as a student and in education but also as a person and in life.


Bethel is best known for chapel. The chapel here is very good, and is every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Many people attend and it can be very beneficial to a stressful day.


Strong character


Bethel is known for its strong Christian background and great community, as well as its academic programs. One major program at Bethel is Nursing, but I would say most of the programs are really great!


Bethel is a very welcoming place. It has higher Christian values and an emphasis on living a Christian life. It has a very home-like feel. There are many planned activites that most people attend. Their academics are challenging but rewarding as well. I would not go anywhere else.


Bethel University is best known for its strong academic program. Professors, many of whom have written their own books, strive to push their students to excel. This comes through getting to know the students past their names and achievements in the classroom. Students respond to the personal level in the classroom and around campus combined with a desire to glorify Jesus Christ by pushing themselves to achieve their best. Consequently, Bethel is noted for the academic rigor provided by both professors and students.


It's community, nursing program, and beautiful campus.


Our school is best known for pushing its students toward Christ. Our school pushes us with serving opportunities, classes which make us think, liberal arts classes which broaden our views and talents. The students and faculty at Huntington are, for the most part, so incredibly friendly and encouraging to one another. There is so much unity throughout our campus.


Bethel University is an academically rigorous and spiritually enhancing university. The welcoming atmosphere is what first drew me in, and the truly-caring professors are what sealed the deal. Anyone who comes to Bethel will graduate with more knowledge than they ever expected, life-long relationships with students and professors, and a closer relationship with God. It is known for developing its students in a benefical way for their future, academically and spiritually.


I think our school is best known for the people that come out of it and how influential some are when they enter into society.


My school, Bethel University, is full of quality individuals. Although not everyone attending this school is pursuing their studies with full vigor, many of the students with which I have come into contact are truly desiring and working towards an excellent education experience. The campus is full of passionate students who are truly willing to open themselves to new truths and new friendships. The people here are accepting and loving, knowing that they themselves need love. Passion is what defines the students at Bethel.


Sports and school spirit, having great academics and accessable professors, and being a christian university.


Bethel is most known for the positive spiritual atmosphere, great academics, a progessive study-abroad program, and sports.


Strong Christian Community


Bethel is best known for being a Christian private school. Many people get the opinion that our relationship with Christ is what we are all about, but that's not it. We have a great nursing and education program, as well as great athletics, musics, and arts.


It's best known for the Christian community, strong academics, and the overall sense of community.


Bethel University is best known for its strive to maintain a Christ-honoring institution, the relationships the faculty and staff pursue with the students, and the undeniable community here in the Twin Cities area.


It's nursing program. I have been told it is the best program in the state.


I believe that my school is best known for sending out students with degrees who really know their stuff and can be relied on. In my field, elementary education, I have heard prospective teachers having an edge to getting jobs simply because they are from Bethel. We have a very good reputation.


The nusing program and being a Christian school.


A Christian learning environment that reaces out to the surrounding community.


It is a Christian University that focuses on integrating faith in the classroom.


Bethel is best known for its committment to Christian teachings and its excellent academics.


Being a conservative, Christian school that upholds Christian values with high importance, as well as being a small tight-knit community that values each other and the religion that we hold as a school


Bethel University is best known for its arts and science programs also its nursing programs. They are well known for being a college were you grow into the best person you can be it is christian lead and has an amazing staff and students hemisphere. Very welcoming and helpful. Not to mention another thing its known for is its price but i belive is is well worth it. I have had an amazing experience and met wonderfull new life long friends.


I think my school is best known for the strong values and leadership qualities we have. Not only do the students at Bethel have these qualities, we are taught to use them to better our community and the world around us. Bethel students have the ability to make a difference, and they are aware of their impact and use it for the good.


I suppose Bethel is best known for being a Christian school. And I think that that's a good thing. It is not religious persay, but it is a community of people who share in God's Kingdom. We don't pressure eachother, we support eachother, and we don't pretend that we're perfect. For most people here (at least for myself) Christianity is not a religion but a way of life and the way in which we learn and have relationships and do everyday things. My educational experience is a lot richer because of it.


Being a Christian college that provides a comfortable learning environment that will challenge students and make them think.


Great professors and one on one student faculty interaction.


We have lots of great theologians come speak and we have Vespers Sunday nights which are a great worship service that people from the Bethel community and the surrounding community go to.


Education and Nursing programs, Biblical studies, and the Covenant of Community Life Together


For being a private Christian college. But we are becoming more liberal in things.


Bethel is best known for being a Christian school with rules and regulations like every other Christian school, but it also alows you the freedom to do what you want. It's also known for being a very good school educationally, especially when it comes to majors such as, biology, pre-med, and education.


Bethel university is best known for its nursing program.


Being a liberal arts Christian school with a great physics and and pre-med program. It is smaller in size but it is accredited and rands with some of the top private schools in the nation.


Bethel University is best known for it's unique Christian approach towards campus life, student policies, and teaching styles. We are most prominately known for having a good science and business department. When a student graduates from Bethel, it is looked upon in good light upon a resume that they have graduated froma school that stands for high moral standards and a dedication towards excellence.


I think the arts and sciences are well known here. I also think that the love for community is seen not just here on campus, but I think it travels out into the surrounding area through the ministry that many students have committed themselves to. As a "Christian" school, the campus strives as a whole to be a guiding light to the community we live in and the country we are a part of. I think we are best known for our loving compassion or at least that would be my hope and prayer.


Bethel is best known for its nursing and business programs.


Balance of academics and faith Pushed to a life of service


Bethel University is well know for being a Christian institution that encourages its students to go above and beyond while having a pure and moral lifestyle. There is a big emphasis on academics and doing the best you can but they also encourage you to have a social life and become a community together through out the year. They encourage its students to build relationships that will extend beyond college; relationships that will last a lifetime.


A strong sense of faith-based community, our nursing program and our business program


It's "Bubble" aspect, being a "liberal" Christian school (although I'm not really sure that this is at all true), the Covenant, which every student breaks.


Christian environment. Strong sense of community. Rigorous academics. Excellent professors. Its outstanding nursing program.


Bethel is a very spiritually grounded institution, and the the reputation of our character precedes us.


Bethel University is well known for it's strong Education and Nursing Degrees. There is also a high career-placement percentage. The land that Bethel occupies is notoriously attractive.


Bethel University is best known for it's Education program, Nursing program, and Business program. We are also known for our successful Football and Hockey programs. We also have generous and loyal alumni.


Academics, Leadership, Strong nursing program, good sports teams


Bethel is known for being in a "bubble, " excluded from other schools.


Wonderful majors nursing, pre-med physics vespers (worship)