Bethel University-Saint Paul Top Questions

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Bethel University focuses on making sure you have every tool at your disposal in order to not only succeed and grow at your chosen profession but also in life. Students who come to Bethel get a very well rounded education and every opportunity to try different options in many fields in order to be sure they are entering the profession that suits them best. Bethel's professors are there to help students learn and are actively involved in making sure students have the tools they need to succeed.


The community is absolutely wonderful and there is plenty of things one could be involved in. The Christian overtone at Bethel University is amazing and supportive, and very challenging at times, which is a good thing.


This school offers optional chapel and is very Christian oriented. They also have a lot of internship opportunities and offer a January term. They also give a lot of credit for PSEO and AP classes so it is easy to graduate on time or early.


Bethel is a community. We work together with one another to push each other towards our highest caliber. Bethel professors get to know their students, they care about who we are as individuals. They are not just worried about grades, but how well we grasp a concept.


Bethel has very approachable professors. They are available for personal meetings and eager to help us students get the most out of our experience in their classes. I have very much appreciated this in my more difficult classes. I don't just feel like a number, the professors refer to me by name and try to get to know me. Yet I don't feel like I am in a super small environment either. I meet new people every week and still don't know most of the people I see here! It's the perfect size for me.


Bethel has an amazing community of people that are striving to engage with each other as well as with their faith. Bethel is centered around values of reconciliation and being whole and holy people. Bethel is also situated in a suburb of St Paul and therefore I am able to go to the city and find things to do as well as escape from the busy lifestyle. Bethel has high academics and is respected around the area.


Bethel University is a very unique school. It combines God and learning in the same atmosphere. Bethel wants you to grow spiritually as well as intellectually. Bethel is a small college, but that’s never a bad thing. Bethel’s class sizes are small so you get tons of one on one time with you teachers. It’s really cool to see a teacher in the hallway and they know your name. Bethel is so unique, it’s a fantastic college to attend.


Bethel is based on a community religious based feeling. Relationships and academics are both strongly encouraged.


I loved the environment of Bethel University compared to the other schools that I visited. I also wanted a place that would fit well with my background and challenge my both academically and spiritually. What especially stuck out to me was the wide variety of organizations that one could get involved in. I also loved how during the first week which is named Welcome Week, as a freshman you start to feel at home and make connections with other people.


Bethel is a private Christian college, and most students do have a personal relationship with Christ, and it is very easy to make long lasting friends who can be your spiritual guides. There is a real community feel on campus.


Structurally speaking, Bethel is distinctive in the sense that all of their academic buildings are connected to make one huge building. This structure seems a bit odd at first, but it is very helpful when Minnesota winters come around. On a different level, Bethel is set apart by how it accommodates for studying abroad. Bethel has eliminated so many hoops to jump through, thus making studying abroad as possible and as stress free as it can be in college. I have come to appreciate all of the help they have provided to make such a dream come true.


Bethel has a very pretty campus with successful people all around genuine. I loved it. Christ is the center.


bethel is genuinely trying to create a environment for people to develop their minds and christian life-styles.


As in the previous question, Bethel is different because of how present God is in the students' and faculty members' lives. He is at the forefront of everything, which makes school so much more beneficial and comprehensive. We are all united under the same God, so people are less afraid to be open and honest with each other.


I want to be a teacher when I graduate, and my school offers some great opportunities in that field: a great reputation with secondary and elementary schools, highly qualified and experienced professors, and licensure in a variety of fields directly upon graduation. In education classes, field experience is a big part of learning. During Intro to Education, I was placed in a high school in the surrounding metro area. That was an excellent sign to me that this university places a high value on practical skills, at least in the education major.


Bethel's degree completion program is geared to the life of a busy working adult and takes into consideration that an adult learner has more going on in their life than just school.


My school is a one-of-a-kind school compared to the other schools that I had considered. Bethel University is a Christian, liberal arts school. It's also rated very highly academically. This school has a warm and inviting atmopshere to it that I greatly appreciate.


It is more focused on spiritual growth and most of the time is a very uplifting environment.


The fact that they place a lot of importance on studying abroad and experiencing another culture. They don't want you to stay here for all 4 years; they would prefer that you take at least one semester to go somewhere new and experience life out of our comfort zones.


The community here is great. People can be very welcoming, but like any other school, you have cliques and groups. I love the student involvment in the community. We have a program called Twin Cities Outreach where numerous groups of students go out into the Cities and volunteer their time and services to help people. Not a lot of Universities have that to the extent that Bethel does.


This school is very conservative religious and welcoming.


The unique thing about Bethel is the community. All the students are polite and want to live for Christ in a community that supports that. It?s very encouraging and uplifting that individuals actually care for one another. Bethel?s community is one of its best assets. It?s the main difference compared to other schools.


Bethel University places a high emphasis on spiritual growth, and I appreciated the dedication to its Christian faith. I wanted to attend a school where I was surrounded by people with similar morals to me.


The Christian atmosphere in my school is amazing and really helps me to practice how to live my life to honor and glorify God every day. It helps me to be a true disciple of Christ and to show the world who he really is.


Jesus as a basis of all beliefes and values


My school requires that everyone do some volunteering in the community. It definitely helps you get to know the community surrounding you and makes a positive impact on the community.


Bethel has a community that is sold out for living their lives for God. It encourages growth and living out the Word in all accpects of your life. Plus i knew no one else from my school who is going here.


For people who genuinely want to be a part of it, Bethel truly is a community.


Bethel university is unique to me because it is smaller than most schools. I enjoy this smaller atmosphere because it alows you to build stronger relationships. I also think that this is a great place to build stronger relationship with the lord.


Something that is unique about Bethel is we are a Christian Liberal Arts University, meaning you can basically major in whatever but it is unique in the sense that our faith is integrated in our education. With our general education requirements we become well rounded in various subject areas and our faith can apply in those areas as well. I liked this about Bethel, because as a Christian it is hard to find way to make your faith your way of life, and by learning more about Christianity as well as integrating it into my education i can do that .


Bethel is a private Christian university with a tie to the Baptist church, and it places huge emphasis on living in and building community. There are a lot of opportunities to get involved on campus, and it is very well-known for its education, business and nursing departments.


It's a christian school so you sometimes pray in class. You don't have to worry about being judged about being religious. There is also a covenant about not drinking during the school year.


Bethel is a beautiful university. There's a real sense of community; it's really easy to meet people and make friends with your interests.


Community, and involvement


it's familiar to my family, provides a good environment and is academically sound.


Bethel University is unique in that every student that wants to attend this University must sign a covenant. This covenant helps ensure that each student is held responsible for living a Christian lifestyle. Meaning, there is no tobacco use, alcohol or sex. I love this aspect of Bethel because we all ahve that in common; we want to live the best lives we can. The lives God made us to live.


Bethel University has a strong emphasis on community and working together as a community. There is a wide range of support both fromal and informal that help students get the encouragement and support they need to succeed. The professors are truly amazing, one of which is in the top 12 textual critics in the world! Many other professors have written books and are widely known in their respective communities.


My school is very focused on developing students spiritual life and faith in a Christian God; it is close to home; family has often gone there in the past.


Very conservative but enjoyable and outgoing.


Bethel University is unique because it was the only private Christian school I considered. I ultimately decided to go to Bethel because it's division three, so I was able to participate in the Track and Field program without being on an athletic scholarship, so I had a little more freedom.