Bethel University-Saint Paul Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I brag about how nice our campus is, and how close everything is on campus. Even if it's -20 degrees outside, my walk to class is always less than 5 minutes, and all of the buildings are connected with indoor walkways.


The one thing that I tell my friends about my school is the amazing community that there is on campus. The floor that I live on is home to some of the coolest guys I know. Because of the Christ centered atmosphere (Bethel is a Christian University), I have been able to grow in my faith and learn from those around me.


I love the location of the school, and just the general friendliness of everyone here!


The athletics are very good and easy to attend. Everyone on campus is also very nice and friendly. I've never had to deal with theft of crime on campus. I feel ok leaving my belongings unattended. The dining service is pretty good and open to suggestions. Bethel also has shuttles that run every hour to Super Target and Rosedale mall.


Nursing department has a great lab and study area for nursing students. The new dining facility usually has a great salad bar. unfortunately, you have to pay for the whole buffet to get to it.


I really enjoy the academics. As a nursing major, the work is difficult, but challenging in a good way. The professors push you to do your best, and sometimes the work load seems impossible, but you learn a lot. I have taken some other classes (not nursing related) that have been much more relaxed, but still conducive to a lot of learning. Some of the discussion based classes are my favorite, because you see things from many different perspectives.


I love the environment here at Bethel. Everyone is very friendly and always willing to lend a helping hand. I love that most of the students here are Christians also. It is nice to have so many great people surrounding me at all times!


Very academic school, Football team is one of the best in Division III. Great student life.


I brag about what great friends and support I have at Bethel. Although our campus is small we are close to the city and create fun experiences both off and on the campus. Bethel also has so many great abroad opportunities, both during the regular and interim semesters. It is great to hear stories from places all over the world and learn about the cultures of others.


When I tell friends about Bethel I brag most about our Bethel housing and meal options . The art community and english and study abroad programs are also large bragging points between my friends and I. I will also often speak of the opportunities we have to build relationships with proffessors who we can expect support from throughout our college careers.


Quite often I tell my old high school friends about the overall politness of Bethel students. Typically, students treat one another with respect and kindness and there really isn't any bullying. I am proud of this aspect of my school and I love the environment it helps to foster.


I love to talk about how present the Holy Spirit is on my school's campus. God is moving in wonderful and amazing ways. I also frequently talk about how great it is to have fellow brothers and sisters in Christ to support and uphold me in ways that one simply doesn't find on a non-faith-based campus. I love that I can walk up to someone I barely know and pray with them without any awkwardness or fear. It's wonderful.


New student welcome, classes, dorm life, and of course my major!


Desire of professors for their students to succeed.


It is a small campus that promotes a feeling of community and family. The class sizes range from 10 to 30, which is really great for getting extra help and for meeting new people. Since the classes are so small, professors take the time to get to know each student and are willing to meet with the students at any time. Emphasis on faith and incorporating Christ in our classes also adds to the community feeling. Everyone cares about each other and it is evident that family, friends, and a great education is at the top of Bethel's list!


The small class size, and Dining center


It has the best theatre program of a Christian liberal arts school.


This school has great community and you'll probably make life long friends here.


The thing that I brag about most to my friends is that you should always do as best as you can when you are in high school because you only get one shot on coming to college and you don't want to pass up the great opportunity. I tell them what it's like being in college, how heavy the course work load is, what there is to do for fun, how the food is and above all how the message of God speaks thoruhgout all of our hearts here.


I tell my friends what an amazing atmosphere there is at Bethel, the Christian fellowship and welcoming community is unbeatable. I love the social scene on campus and all of the wonderful people that make Bethel feel like a family instead of a school. The most important aspect though is how Bethel encourages and helps me in my faith. this is something truly special that I doubt can be found anywhere else. Bethel is truly the complete package!


I love my professors and my classes. I've made amazing friends and our campus is just beautiful.


My soccer team.


When I talk to my friends about Bethel, I tend to always bring up the community here. The sense of being surrounded with people that love you is awesome. I also talk about the sense of security that I have on this campus compared to others that I have visited.


Closeness among friends and teammates; having similar values makes it easier to get to know people on a deeper level. I've had some great professors (some not so great but that's to be expected); many of my professors make attempts to get to know you and care about you.


The dining center is good, and the people are great.


What i brag about Bethel is the atmosphere and acceptability here. I feel like i really fit in and the school is a great place to grow as a young adult. Also the teachers here are magnificant, because they take the time to know you and help you individually. Bethel is all around great place filled with God's love and it is a great place to go to college.


The good repuation that Bethel has for post graduation and career options.


The thing i brag to my friends about most is almost everything! How everyone is so nice and caring and how the proffesors are there to help you and actually remember your name. The food is really good and they always have student run activitys going on. They keep you busy and involved, but also dont force it on you. The classes are fun and i have already learned a ton. I also like that our dorms and classes are all pretty close to eachother.


I would have to say that when "bragging" about my school i usually talk up the atmosphere. It's a lot easier to be around students with the same beliefs and goals in life. At Bethel you don't have to worry about drinking, tobacco usage, or poor academics. Sure, we don't have best athletics, but our academic programs are amazing.


The great I have gotten to know.


The quality of our food service and the exceptional sense of community found in my residence hall.


That there is a Christian community here... you just need to look for it. Also that they provide a very good education. And for a private Christian college they have a wonderful art program that is recognized.


The people are amazing. They are extremely welcoming and open. If you screw something up or feel bad, there is always someone willing to talk to you. People have opinions, but most just want to have a pleasant college experience. The professors are amazing and know your name. Class schedules are very flexible and helpful overall. This school has a good life for commuters as well which often doesn't happen other places.


I tell my friends about the nice professors and students that attend this school. The class sizes are intimate so you can have one on one time with the teachers. There are lots of school activities for students that live on campus and the Library is a very good resource for research.


The people at Bethel are always friendly and welcoming! The teachers are also very caring and try to help out as much as possible.


Coincidentally, I brag about Bethel's willingness to counter the student's extreme right political and religious beliefs. Many students come from rich, suburban conservative households. Bethel makes a conscious effort to broaden their student's perspectives by providing many different views on world events, politicalized chapel speakers, and more liberal Christian beliefs. I brag about how Bethel actually intentionally frustrates their students into actually analyzing their community, religion, and political leaders.


I just love the community and atmosphere of Bethel University. It is a smaller school, so people can really get to know each other. Aside from this, the professors actually care about the students and get to know them. I love the Christian surroundings that we have here, knowing that we all have the same core beliefs and values.


Campus is small enough that you can get to everything easily and quickly. The housing is really nice- a lot more space and rooms than other schools.


How good the nursing program is. I tell them that the faculty has the best intrest of the students and that they are eager to help them grow both spiritually and acedemically, as well as personally! Our school provides a holistic approach to care for each individual person, and that is why I love it at Bethel. We also have great extra cirricular activites and are near to almost everything, including down town, which can be really fun!!


the study abroad office here is second to none. it's amazing.


I thrived there. It was such a source of community. Many solid friendships were formed and I was never bored. I love my degree; it was perfect for me. I appreciated learning in an interactive way with hands-on projects. Professors were always available; they not only made their contact information easily accessible, but they would invite classes over to their houses, and even mentor some students. I also appreciated all of the amazing study abroad programs available. I don't know very many people from Bethel who haven't studied abroad at least once. I went to Europe, myself.


I brag that this is a conservative school where there is very little drinking or smoking.


That it was very academically rigorous and prepared me well for grad school. That I felt I belonged there rather than feeling out of place. That the people are really great - kind and friendly and easy to get along with.


I brag about the Bethel sub-culture I was apart of and how I definitely wouldn't be the same person had I not been apart of such a group.


I love how Bethel is an atmosphere where I can be confident that I am surrounded by faculty, staff and students who are all just as dedicated to their education as I am; I know that the people around me are going to be uplifting and supportive to be around while I am working my way through college.


It is a fun atmosphere. It is fun when it is warm out since everyone always hangs outside, walking around the lake, or playing frisbee golf or attempting to do their homework outside. There is even sometimes a group of guys that play croquet on the school lawn. That is when I feel like I sense the strongest sense of community. There is awesome people who go to Bethel I have meet several guys and girls that are geniunely nice and good people.


The great class sizes and the ability to be in different activities. The friendly people in general and the opportunities to socialize are endless. It is close enough to downtown that there is entertainment, but it is far enough away that it is generally a slower pace.