Bethel University-Saint Paul Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


You should attend this school if you are a Christian or even Jew who wants to grew in your faith and learn in a community that is committed to growing together as believers.


It is best if you would consider yourself a Christian and you should probably also be academically motivated.


A person who loves meeting new people, is friendly to everyone, doesn't have a desire to party, wants to grow in their spiritual walk, one who wants to be academically challenged, and one who has a positive outlook on life.


The person who should attend this school is anyone who is serious about learning how to be a leader in their profession and their community. This person should be ready and willing to learn and be involved in their community and their church.


A person who wants to connect with others more personally and God. Bethel is a place where students can do just that. Learn more about Christ and grow in him together as one body. So an individual who is willing to go deeper in their relationship with God and with other peers would fit right in. They would not eve have to be a christian by definition; it just depends on how open their hearts are to hearing more about who they are in Christ.


People who like smaller communities and are not as interested in visiting the city constantly would really like this school. Small classes and campus can annoy some which would make it more difficult but certainly doable. Really the kind of person that this school needs are people who are ethnically diverse or bring in a more liberal political stance. The majority of those who attend this school are from upper-middle class standing or higher but this limits the type of student socially and ethnically. People who want to achieve without the cut-throat academics would also do well here.


This school is for a person who wants a Christian world view integrated into every aspect of their education. This school encourages one in their faith through weekly Vesper services and chapel three times a week. Bethel University is for students who wish to enter the work force with a solid biblical foundation and a strong faith.


This school is for someone who loves to be part of a welcoming community and make new friends everyday! It is a great Christian atmosphere where everyone can hold each other accountable, and have fun!


Someone who wants to gain more than an education.


Someone who is driven academically and spiritually, and wants the challenge of growing immensely should attend Bethel. Many of the students here are active in surrounding communities, as well as the Bethel community. Those who are passionate about changing the world are presented with diverse and powerful opportunites to work in areas like poverty, sex trade, AIDS, and many other places of need. Not only do the students here learn about poignant issues in out culture today, but we also have the ability to act on it! If someone is up for this challenge, they too can experience the benefits.


I believe any kind of person should attend this institution, for education is what you make of it. If a student wants to assimilate with the trends and activities of predominate culture then it is easy, but if a student is willing to think for themselves and challenge the community that he/she lives in especially ones that is blind to the truth of society than that is my opinion. I won't discourage one to attend such an institution like this, but will make my responsibility to informed them and guide them about the dynamics of this institution.


Anyone, really, would be welcome at Bethel, but the kind of student that should attend here is one that would be truly ready and willing to work hard for their education as well as being a person who is open to new ideas and expanding their world.


Those that do not mind/are looking for a religious experience coupled with intense study loads. The typical Bethel University student is active in at least one extra-curricular activity, or is constantly with a group of people, whether it be to simply hang out or to study for classes. An incoming student should be wary, Bethel University is not a place that will grow your religion unless you want to be grown. Bethel provides the soil, but one must seek after their own water and light, being Jesus Christ. Religiously, and academically, it is not a free ride.


Anyone can attend this school if they want. Everyone their is very welcoming no matter who you are or what your background is.


Someone who wants to grow deeper in their faith with God, grow closer with their community and friendships, and leave well rounded and educated and who likes to have good, clean fun.


I would not necessarily stereotype the kind of person that should attend Bethel University. Anyone who wants to attend this university should be willing to try their best at whatever major they plan on earning. The student should want and expect that while attending Bethel, they will challenged mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Out of these challenges will come lifelong friendships, broadened perspectives, and most importantly, a deeper relationship with Christ.


Somone who is passionate about community as well as very academically minded willing to work hard.


This school is welcoming to all students. I would reccommend it to individuals who want to focus on their school work yet still develop life-long meaningful friendships.


I think Bethel University is the perfect place for a person who wants to get a great education while growing in their Christian faith. The best part about Bethel is that everyone is at different points in their relationship with Jesus. We are all learning together and from each other how to better serve God. If you are willing to work hard at both your academics and your character as a Christian, then Bethel University is the place to be.


I think any kind of person should attend Bethel. We have a diverse community and accept people of all kinds and interests.


People who are focused on an academically and spiritually enriching education will fit best into Bethel University. Those holding to a protestant background will find that they have much in common with most other Bethel students and staff. People who are interested in Bethel should be friendly, ready to meet new people, and willing to cooperate and collaborate with fellow students and staff.


This school is great for people who yearn for a supportive environment and want to meet lots of true friends.


People who are focused and know what they want to do with their lives and want to succeed


Bethel is a warm , loving community. This school is perfect for someone who wants a small close knit community because living in the dorms at Bethel is like having a second family. This school is also great for someone who wants to grow in their faith. It provides optional chapel three times a week and vespers, a worship service, sunday nights. SInce the class sizes are generally small, this school helps students have a relationships with their professors. This school really makes someone feel like more than just a face in the crowd it makes them feel known.


Anyone who has a love for Christ and wants to grow in their relationship with Him. The staff and students here are warm and friendly; I have never felt uncomfortable here. Anyone who wants college a place to be called "home" would do well here.


Anyone is welcome, and anyone that wants to further there education at a Christian-based college should so here, because they care about your spiritual well-being.


A strong christian who likes a small community feel and who wants to attend college in a suburban area which is close to the city, yet secluded.


Someone who is looking for a good education and challanging their faith


anyone who wants a close-knit, fun community and quality education


Bethel is a great University which opens their door to many different students. I do not believe culture, ethicanity, or race should contriubte to whether or not you attend Bethel University. The kind of people that should attend Bethel, and the type of students Bethel is looking for are as follows: The prospective student must desire a well-rounded education that is focused not only on their particular major, but on all aspects of life. This provides for the oppurtunity to be a well-rounded individual, who is ready for the world that lies ahead of them.


A person that want to learn and strives for success in their life. Also, a person who has a spriritual life and want to seek and know more about God.


A Christ-following, academic minded, and community driven person.


Anyone could attend this school if they wanted to, but they should have a wanting to further their relationship with Christ while they are here, and to break outside thier comfort zone; they should have a wanting inside of them to grow spiritually, and mentally in a community of believers!


Someone who is seeking a degree in nursing, great program!


A person interested in growing in their Christian Faith, is not afraid to live in the wonderful city of St. Paul, and would like to be involved in many different opportunities during college.


Anybody can attend Bethel. Although it appeals mostly to christians and those who can afford private school. A student that is academically-oriented and a hard worker should attend Bethel.


This school is great for an academically minded person who is serious about their education. A person who really wants to be placed in a job they are ready for should go to Bethel for their education. Also, this school is meant for a person who likes social interaction and meeting a lot of people.


Strong Christians who want a good education and a welcoming community.


Bethel University is a christian school and that faith is put into practice everywhere; chapel, classrooms, dorm living, social events, they are all centered around that community of faith. The kind of person that should attend Bethel is a christian who desires a high level of education. This person should be willing to work hard, but also be social and have fun.


Anyone interested in getting a great education with a Christian emphasis. If you don't want to have that Christian influence in your schooling, then this is not for you because here, the teachers pray, have devotions, and regularly refer to the Bible. It's a great place to get the education you need while still getting the Christian influence everyone needs in their life.


Someone who has a strong christian background. Also someone who is very wealthy, and wants to fit in with everyone else. I feel like if you do not fit this "identity," other students look down upon you and will not be friends with you unless you fit their identity.


student that come to bethel shoule be ready to not only learn about their courses but to learn and grow further in their relationship with the lord. There is a strong focus on religion and how the Lord is directing and guiding you down you path.




Someone who has a passion for Christ and His calling on their lives. Someone who is willing to take a stand for what they believe in. To gain more than an education, but skills that will allow them to impact their future communities and the world so they can do great things. Someone who takes their education seriously and wants to do their best. A person who loves the feel of a community, but is able to interact with others on a one-on-one basis. Someone who has high moral standards and values!


To attend Bethel, you should be confident in who you are. Be rooted in the traits that you were taught as a child. Especially if you're a minority like me, Bethel will be a big change from what you're used to so don't let the Bethel stereotype change you.


Any kind of student who wants a great supportive school


A christian individual looking for a good education.


A person who wants a school that offers a supportive faith seeking environment. Someone who enjoys a community of people. A person who wants a smaller school. A place where it is very easy to make friends. A person who enjoys being close with teachers. A person who wants a smaller classroom size. A person who likes discussion in the classroom. A person who wants to live near a city and have access to surrounding stores. A person who loves people and wants to be involved. A person who wants to play sports.


A christian looking for a school that consists of only christians that are very closed minded. it's difficult to go here and not be into faith as much as others, they're very judging.


a person who is highly motivated and academic.