Bethel University-Saint Paul Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


If you do not wish to be exposed to biblical college courses then you should not come to Bethel University.


One that is pretty liberal and would dislike the conservative feel.


Those who are looking for a party school should not consider Bethel. Bethel University offers a uniquely Christian atmosphere that discourages immoral behavior such as having sex outside of marriage, getting drunk, or doing drugs. At Bethel, the students, staff, and faculty all strive create a place that encourages good behavior and defeats bad behavior.


Someone who does NOT want to meet amazing people, should not come to Bethel University. Also, if they donnot want to be challen be challeneged by their faith, and have Christian beliefs incorporated into their education, they should not attend. However, there is nothing else that should keep a student from attending Bethel University.


Bethel requires high academic performance and the desire to work hard. If someone does not wish to work hard to gain good grades, I wouldn't recommend this institution. Also, Bethel's students are extremely motivated, typically by the desire to follow Christ. If someone does not have an open mind to learning about Jesus Christ, it probably isn't the best place to go to school.


I personally believe that Bethel isn't a College for certain people but rather a place where everyone will feel connected and find their place within the Body of Christ. Since Bethel is a Christian College then I do know that one should know and be a Christian.


A liberal person who want the "typical" college experience (read: lots of drinking).


People who are not looking to engage with others or the Christian faith should not attend this school. Also people who are not willing to work hard and interact with their courses on a critical level should not attend Bethel. Students who are looking to drink alcohol and be a part of the fraternity/sorority scene should not come to Bethel.


Someone who is going to college just to party or someone who is in complete denial of God.


If a person is not a spiritual person, they will not want to consider Bethel. Here at Bethel, religion is integrated into everything we do here. Religion is important to most of Bethel’s students, and they do not want someone to come to Bethel and be negative about religion. Students are here to grow spiritually as well as intellectually, and they put God first, it is important that everyone who attends Bethel feel the same way, so we can grow as a community.


Someone who doesn't want to leave college as changed person with an overall attitude of understanding the wonderful differences that God has given all of us.


A person who is determined to make it in life and that is also patient and persevering..


If a student refuses to work and is not seeking a better future, Bethel University is not for him or her. In order to reach their full potential at Bethel, students themselves must be ready, prepared, and willing to work hard and search deeper for their purpose in life.


The kind of person who should not attend this school would be someone who is: looking for a large student population, looking for a large campus, looking to live directly in a large city.


Someone who shouldn't attend this school is someone who wants to sit and play games on their laptops in a large lecture. Many of the proffesors at Bethel don't allow laptops as not to distract other students, and the ones who do usually hace small enough classes where one could not get away with playing games. Bethel is also not a place for someone who doesn't want to grow and just wants to slip through college unoticed, not to gain life experience and friendships but just to get a degree.


A non christian, or a christian not interested in a liberal arts education.


Someone very opposed to the christian faith who would like to attend a large, division one school, and who is very into smoking, drinking, or promiscuous behavior.


To be honest, people that don't have an active faith or who don't believe in God at all would have difficulty here. As it is a Christian school it would be difficult if you weren't a Christian (you have to sign a covenant saying that you believe in God and such). Also I find that someone who isn't serious about their faith might easily slip in and out without allowing God to really change their life.


Any person who isn't serious about their faith or anyone who wants a "typical" college experience of partying and drinking.


I would say that someone should come here if they are religious, it is a great place for you to be challenged and to grow in your faith. so many people are like minded and you are able to really step apart from what your parents have instilled in you and make your own decisions.


In all truth, anyone could could come to Bethel University and receive a quality education. Though this school is a Christian university, and unshamedly so. An individual who does not enjoy a Christian atmosphere and does desire a personal relationship with Jesus Christ may not enjoy coming to this universtiy. However, that is not to say they should not come here, or that they would not be accepted by the community here. It would be difficult for them to recieve all the wonderful things that Bethel University has to offer.


Someone who is not serious about the value of education.


This school can be for everybody. However, a poor attitude and irresponsible social habits might make things more difficult.


Someone who is openly gay would probably have a hard time here. Atheists would also be challenged at this school.


If you like to drink or do drugs that's generally frowned apon. So, if you're a big partier it's probably not the best fit for you.


I don't think there's any "type" that shouldn't attend Bethel University, but if one isn't interested in any of the majors and study programs offered, then he or she should not attend the school. Academics and the education program were specific reasons that went into choosing Bethel University as the school for me. I think those are some of the most important, if not the most important, reasons to choose a school.


Someone who doesn't take college seriously and does not have straight morals. Those who like to party and be un-Christian will find themselves kicked out in no time.


A non-Christian I think would have a hard time at a school like this because of the strong emphasis on Christianity and how it is a huge part of our culture. They might feel out of place.


Probably people who can't live with the campus rules/covenant. There are very few people who are really liberal at this school.


Someone who hates religion or Christianity should not attend this school, because there is an emphasis placed on these values.


Someone not willing to abide by the school covenant


a non-Christian, someone seriously questioning your faith/beliefs


People that disagrees in having a faith base learning experience


Someone who isnt into the small campus atmosphere. If big colleges are for you, I suggest you look into other schools.


This school is open to almsot anything, but if you want to have alcohol, this college isn't a good idea.


The people who need not apply are students who are not serious about their commitments. Bethel requires all students to read and sign a "covenant for life together" and if they do not agree, they shouldn't sign- much like they shouldn't sign a legal document that they do not agree with.


Have to be driven and motivated. Also, willing to deal with people who feel very strongly about their religion and beliefs


people who look down at religon


An outdoorsy type of person. Usually the friendly camp counselor from summer camp or a bible camp. Focused on the future , but very laid back and positive.