Bethel University-Saint Paul Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


chapel, our worship team rocks. plus our great hall is pretty amazing place to worship!


The teachers really do care about all of the students. They will do anything they can to make learning as easy as possible and will work with you outside of class if you need it. If you have any other problems they love to be there for you and pray for you. I think the professors actually make the school amazing. It's pricy but they do such a good job taking your education seriously.


Bethel has a very good community feel. You are free to be yourself and be accpted.


I think the best thing about Bethel University is the way the community supports you specifically. Everyone there really has your best interest in mind and they do whatever they can to help you succeed in all areas of your life. Even the proffesors care about you and want to be more than just a teacher to you. It is nice knowing that I go to a school where everone cares about me and wants the best for me.


Community and moral values and strong support.


The community at Bethel is what makes it the greatest. There is a community between students and teachers. The amount of events that are put on daily for students to connect with one another and the opportunities that professors and administration have to interact with the students is what creates the community. Bethel is a place where it's very easy to fit into the community and belong.


The fact that we have such a great campus community and that everyone is so kind with such a great heart for others and for God. ALso, that my Professors know me by name and are willing to help me anyway that they can. I love that everyone had a heart for God and that we have the option of going to Chapel every Mon, Wed, and Friday and have vespers on sunday!


The best thing I feel is the Christian atmosphere throughout the campus and the relationships that I have been able to form with my professors. The professors genuinely care about each of their students.


The Lord Jesus Christ is at work in this amazing community. This community of believers is centered around Christ. Although it is not perfect, and may needs improvements in some areas, there are some phenomenal things about this community. For example, chapel is 3 days a week, and it is not REQUIRED. Students attend of their own accord, which provides an atmosphere of worshipping with other students who truly want to be there. People are SO friendly, are always smiling and greeting you in the hallways. Friends are easy to make. Campus Ministries has a flourishing program. Resting in Christ.


The best thing about Bethel is the community that gives its students a home away from home. Some universities are so disconnected with thier dorms but Bethel always have events going on whether it be study groups, homecoming, or intramurals, we the students are very involved.


As current student at Bethel, I would definitely say my favorite thing is the community among everyone and how we intensional intergrate faith into our learning. Through the learning process I have gained a greater understanding of the importance of serving others in the Bethel community and also reaching out to those outside of Bethel's walls.


The best part about Bethel is the environment. Students here are not focused on paryting, they are focused on their education and how to best honor God through there education. It is an environment of encouragement where we all work together.


The environment that surrounds the life style at Bethel. The people here focus of what God wants them to do, and they interact with others in loving and caring ways. Also the academic aspect of Bethel is very well put together.


The loving and family environment that is shared by the entire campus.


The best thing about my school is that the professors push us to do our best in our classes and also in the real world as well.


I condsider the best thing about Bethel University its Christian atmosphere. Whether you are in the classroom, in the dining center, or part of a sporting event, you can trust the the students, faculty, and staff are doing their best to represent Jesus Christ by their words, thoughts, and deeds. Through chapel, campus activities, and prayer in the classroom, students have plenty of opportunities to grow in their faith and live out their beliefs. This is what makes Bethel a friendly, safe, and God-glorifying university.


Bethel University is a very supportive community in terms of students' academic and spiritually life. When you get to know the school and the professors, you will realize there are so many opportunities and resources. Speaking from a minority student's stand point, I feel that the school is doing a good job supporting its ethnic students through a 3-day welcome week program called Navigators, mentor-mentee program, and different cultural activities. It is comforting for me to know that there is a strong supporting system and so many opportunities for me as a minority student.


I consider the best aspect of Bethel University to be the dedication to a Christian environment. I love the opportunities given and the chances I have to grow in my faith. From the first week on campus until now I have been surrounded with chances to grow and explore my faith.


The challenges that the students face and how Bethel University strives to make holisitic college students once they graduate. Life is not just about academics but being a holisitic person in and outside of campus.


The community would be the best thing because we have a lot of student activities to get people together. We are a smaller school so we know a good portion of all the students that go here.


The best thing about Bethel is the large variety of available resources, groups, clubs, and events.


The best thing about my school is the professors in my major. I feel that they are able to meet me where I am at, are flexible and understanding, and are committed to social justice and the reconciliation of all people.


In my opinion, Bethel is a good security school. If you are looking for a college that will offer protection for your Christian beliefs, then this is it. I always enjoyed how safe I felt at Bethel; it was like its own little enclosed community. As far as my education, I feel honored to have gone to such a prestigious Midwest school. The professors, I feel, truly care about their students and want nothing more than seeing them succeed.


I consider the best thing about my school to be the relationships and the guidance that can be formed so easily. Our dorms are close to each other, which makes it perfect for interaction to happen. Also, freshmen are not allowed to have cars, so they can find many other fun things to do during the weekends. I have already formed friendships that I know will last my lifetime. Also, the guidance by the counselors is invaluable. They really listen to you and what you want to do with your life.


You have conversations and debates rather than being attacked for your beliefs.


Everyone here is so willing to help everyone else. If you need help finding a class room, or with our PO box combination, people are more than willing to help out. We are a community. When something happens to one of us, it affects all of us. We really care and look out for one another.


The best thing about Bethel would probably the sense of community. Community is emphasized in so many different aspects of life at Bethel and it creates a very welcoming environment and makes students feel connected to others at this school.


The think I like best about Bethel, are the relationships between all of the people here. It's not just a teacher lecturing the students, the staff really care about the students here. All of my professors last semester knew my name and were always willing to help me out whenever I needed them. The students here are also very willing to get to know each other and help everyone out. It's a great community.


The friendly atmosphere that seems to fill the dorms. It seems like anyone you approach will have some kind of advice to give if you asked for it. The Christian vibe makes me feel at home when talking about my faith and I like how many opportunities there are to serve the community with a positive, Christian message.


We are a very strong community. Everyone loves and supports eachother.


The best thing that I consider about my school is having the personal relationship with God. You are here to learn, but more importantly you are trying to establish a great bonding connection with the Lord King. Chapel and Vespers engages students in ways that you can't even imagine. A lot of other things come to mind when I talk about my school (i.e. having great people on my floor who are like brothers to me, having a great RA, having the profound sense that I am in a close-knit community where everyone generally seems to care.)


The education here at Bethel is top-notch and I really do appreciate how the professors truly care about each student and make efforts to include faith into the courses, even science. It helps make learning much more meaningful.


Because it is winter now, I would say I am extremely grateful for the small campus and that all the academic buildings are connected. I also really enjoy my nursing department, especially since we just got new facilities.


I feel welcome and cofortable, both with the environment of the campus and with the people around and I fell like I'm part of a community that I can learn with and have a good time with.


The spiritual aspect is integrated into every part of the school. The first thing my professor did in my first class here was pray for us. In cross country running, and I'm sure it's the same for all the other sports, our coach prays for us before workouts and races. Another thing we do as a team is team devotionals every week. I feel like this is a place where my faith can be nurtured. Bethel also encourages study abroad so your faith and boundaries can be stretched in new situations.


Many activities for the students and the faculty really care about the students.


The atmosphere at Bethel University is without a doubt one of its greatest strengths. The student body is made of all around great people.; they're all kind, honorable, loving people. The faculty is incredible as well. Their genuine care for students and their education is obvious, and the relationships formed with them are truly mentoring friendships. We are all here for each other at Bethel University. That, in my opinion, is what sets us apart from many other educational institutions.


I think my school has a close personal setting that alows for many students to feel like they are special and being acomidated for in their learning process.


The community is wonderful! The people that attend this school as well as the professors are kind. Faith is incorporated into almost all of the courses.


The community is incredible. It pushes you to question your beliefs and to ultimately grow. That process is invaluable.


The community. I've met so many people here, and they are my best friends.


The community.


The genuinely friendly environment. The majority of the student population are incredibly respectful and warm, and the professors are not only top notch academically, but are great people above all else.


Bethel University provides a place for students to grow and discover themselves in a unique community. This is an isolated zone commonly referred to as the "Bethel Bubble." What is great about this bubble is that it allows students to become comfortable with who they are and develop their beliefs and values before entering into the world.


The best thing about Bethel University are its professors. The professors genuinely care not only about their students passing their class, but also about them as individuals. Their doors are always open for students to ask questions about class material and life in general. They want to develop a relationship with their students not only in but outside of the classroom. I know that if I have questions about absolutely anything I can go to any professors office and they would be glad to help me.


Faith based learning and life, very community centered, great and loving people, and many hearts searching for truth and self discovery together.


My school is based on community with one another, and integrating our academics with our growth in the relationship with Christ. I feel it is a safe place to open up about struggles in any area of our lives. The people and staff here are not about false exteriors but rather growing with one another to further our development as students, and adults as we go out into the "real world".


It is a Christian school, that teaches right out of the Bible and trys to encorporate Biblical principles in every class.


The best thing about Bethel Unversity is also it's bane - their "friendly atmosphere." Due to their religious emphasis, Bethel often times focuses on the community aspect of college. Meaning, friendships, Christianity, and a "tight" community are their initial main focus for students. What ends up happening is many other aspects of the college experience is lost (i.e. academic focus). Additionally, students develop a plethora of shallow relationships and lack a long lasting and deep relationship with peers. However, the abundance of shallow relationships makes the campus feel more interconnected.


The best thing about Bethel is that the professors are very involved in the classroom and have a vested interest in the students. I know that my professors have my best interests in mind and have never had any problems with professors being willing to address my concerns. All of the professors that I have studied under thus far have been excellent teachers and role models.