Bethune-Cookman University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I wish they told me to never go to a kick off campus


I dont anything to be the worst the great Bethune Cookman University. My school is family oriented and religious based. Each faculty member and staff holds high standards for there students. When someone needs assistance, you can always count on someone to help you with an y problem. THere has never been a time where someone was not helped. Bether Cookman University is a wonderful institution and I wouldnt trade it for any other school in the world. I am proud be a wildcat! Bethune Cookman University has one motto, "Enter to Leearn, Depart to Serve".


I feel like the worst part is the financial aid counselors.


People's attitudes and drive to put in the work needed to suceed.


The worst thing about my school would have to be how unorganized it can be at times. They make alot of promises that can not be carried out because they are not organized, and failed to prepare for the situation. I feel that as a student i am getting put on hold academicly when at this point of my academic year i should be more advanced. I owe a great deal of that to the lack of organization this school has.


I have not found anything that is terribly wrong with my school. I enjoy the small, college town environment. All of the people at my school are friendly and genuinely want to help you with whatever you need. Pullman is truely like one big family. However, with budget cuts and the tuition hike, the worst part would have to be the cost. Having to leave college with $100,000 in debt is quite stressful. I am not able to receive financial aid because my parents make too much money, however they have refused to pay my college costs.


The dorms because i feel we pay all this money for these dorms and they look bad at times.


The worst thing about my school is that there is no diversity. Although it is an HBCU, I feel as if I dont have the opportunity to meet new people from different ethnic backgrounds.


The worst thing I consider at my school would be the little to almost no campus activties for undergraduate students.


t he worst thing about our school are the dorm rooms


The wrost thing of the school is that it is a black I love ,y black people a learning about them but I think it would stop me for learning about other back grounds an meeting other kid's out my race an getting to no how they live it would be a good experinces for me but going to an all black school would stop me from that


The worst thing about my school was registering for classes. At that time there was no online registration.


The organiation is very poor. There could be better faculty/staff support outside of the classroom also.


The worst thing about my school is communication. It is nearly impossible to get ahold of financial aid and/or other important offices when you have a problem.


The worst thing about my school is the abilit for the administration to connect and provide effective services for their students.


The worst thing about my school is that its too small college is about meeting new people and its not that many people to meet at Bethune they have the population of some high schools


The cafe food.


don't know really


I would have to say their food because I hear how the other colleges food be and I look at my college food it is the worst.


I dont think I have experience anything worse at my school yet.




The fact that its a private college. This being the cost for attendance is absurd and not many families have that kind of money. Not to ment the finanical doesn't help much to anyone, even for those who are in state residents. Also, their varsity sports, dont allow too many students who would want to pursue an extra-curricular activity to walk-on, as football is one of the sports. Not offerring kids the chance to want to play and contribute to their college, displaying their athleticism.


The amount of Financial aid for students and the variety of cafeteria food


The dorm/building situation is the worst. Many are falling apart, have broken air conditioners, mold, leaks, cracked and unlevel floors, etc. If the school officials don't have to be in the building, they don't care if it gets fixed. Buildings housing the presidents and other officers stay in tip top shape while the dorms and class buildings are unsuitable in many ways (needing new flooring, new paint, new desks, dry erase boards and not chalkboards, new/updated restrooms, new air conditioners, ect.).