Bethune-Cookman University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Freshman seminar, I had never heard of this and it was a nice experience, the freshman would go every Wednesday and we would have church service or we would get information on how to better our credit with Wells Fargo, these seminars were very informant.


The cost of tuition and the cost of living on campus


how they take care of the school and taking action that goes around campus


That the school is unorganized.


I wish I had what the size of the rooms and I wish i had known the quality of the food instead of spending my money on my own food.




Before I came to this school I wish I knew more about the size of the dorm rooms.


I wish that I had known that transportation is essential for everyone at Bethune Cookman . Unless you know someone who has a car you'd better get use to public transportation. Even though there's not much to do in Daytona unless you like going to the beach, parties, the mall or the Daytona Speedway. The do have a fabulous shuttle service that will take you to your home town a couple times a month, if you get homesick.


I wish I had prior knowledge on the honors program, and the eligibility rules to join the program. I only wish this so I can have more of a challenge in some of the classes that I excel in. Also, I would like to known about the costs of books and the procedure that book scholarships are split in half for both semsters unless specified on the scholarship certificate. This threw off my budget for purchasing books.


How challenging it really can be. Who to talk to when it came to helping me out in school.


I would like to start by stating that I am a current member of the Marching Wildcats at Bethune Cookman University. I would have loved to have recieved at least the slightest inkling about how much hard work, dedication, and perseverance it takes to be a Marching Wildcat. Instead i came in blinded by excitement, but was quickly and abruptly given a reality check. Although this was a difficult task I survived.


I wish I had known that the location was not like a major city and in fact its a seasonal tourist attraction


I wish I ahd known that I was capable of being a 4.0 student.


Before i came to "cookman" i wish i would have known that the cafeteria was not up to par. There's not a whole lot of food choices. I feel like my highschoool offered more options than my collge.


the classes that im takeing


I wish I had known more about financial aid and scholarships before I came to this school. I also wish I had known what to expect my first year here.


Before I came to Bethune Cookman University , I wish I had known more about the school. The Great Bethune Cookman follows by the name it is indeed a Great school and if I had to leave it would because I would like to be closer to home. Attending Bethune Cookman University I wish I would have found out some of the classes needed because at my other college I did not need a reading class and at Bethune Cookman I do and that by taking this class it is in the way of a class I could have been taking.


I wish I had known a little bit more about the school, and that it was not like highschool. You have to go out get what you need (scholarships, financial aid, etc.)


where to turn in my scholarship information


I wish I would have known that the economy was goinmg to go into a recession. The possibility to get a job is just about non existant while in school. I have been trying since I started school back in the fall of 2008. I believe that I will get a job eventually but I do know that it is more difficult now than before.


How to stay focus my freshman year because you can get so wrapped up in your new surroundings that you forget about your main purpose for coming to school.


I wish I would have known more of the scholarships that the school has to offer.


about the upperclassmen guys.




I wish I had known about the service from the people in financial aid and student accounts offices. In most cases, the faculty members don't show that they care about the students and their education.


Nothing really, because i need to learn what life is and how to handle situations myself. All apart of growing up .