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I agree with the other poster that this school is quite an embarrassment. If you are considering enrolling in a Christian college please look elsewhere! The administration is very lazy, incompetent and not helpful at all. The bookstore is known for back ordering books, taking your money and never calling or delivering your textbooks. They make you wait on long lines as they finish up their lunch, or 'feel' like opening the bookstore to service you. The receptionist at the front desk in the financial aid and business office is very mean, unfriendly and rude. She always has a scowl on her face and never looks up from her computer to greet you. If you call the school she lets it ring, or puts you on hold and never returns, or transfers you to voicemails. A first impression says it all and she is not it. BEWARE of PAT BANKS in the financial aid office; she is the devil’s agent! She is mean, condescending, incompetent and outright rude and nasty. She gets to your file when she feels like it, and everyone in the office is scared of her. Your financial aid and loans will be held up for weeks before she gets to it, she never returns calls or emails, and you literally will have to make trips to the school to ensure she processes your file in front of your face and on time. There are times when students never receive the full amount of their financial aid, or on time, and there is always an excuse, or they convince you they’ve processed it and another week goes by and you still haven’t received your check! It is very suspicious that only Pat Banks knows the system and although they have two new girls working in the office, she doesn’t train them on everything and they still have to go to her for information or to approve documents. Please keep track of your documents from Fafsa or Direct loans, and read it carefully, because financial aid and the business office is truly up to something shady. There have been complaints made numerous times by students on the horrible financial aid director and nothing has been done. She is now off in her own office away from the public, but now she has more room to manipulate the students and their accounts. All the helpful and warm employees have come and went, and there is nothing but unprofessionals who have taken their place. I’m truly sorry I ever went to this school, and I am warning anyone who is considering to please check out other school in your area first. This school needs to be investigated for fraud and suspicious activity with student accounts. You’ve been warned.