Bevill State Community College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


If I had to choose someone that shouldn't attend Bevill State, is someone who loves to be engaged in many activities and clubs. Not many students get involved here because most live locally and want to go home directly after classes.


I loved everything about Bevill State. The class sizes were perfect in my opinion. Everyone was very friendly, and all the teachers genuinely care about their students. Every experience I have of Bevill is a positive one. The only thing negative is that I wish there was more to do there because I love getting involved and would have loved to have done even more. I think anyone would be happy with Bevill State as long as they make an effort.


There are no limits to who would want to attend this school. Bevill State is open to anyone of any race, religion, color, and gender. Mentioned before, Bevill State is there for the education of 'kids', not any specifics.